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Friday, 12 February 2010

PhotoShoot last Weekend

See I told you I had a fair bit to tell you. Well last weekend I met up once again with JB photography for what we thought was the final shoot. :-( But it has later been comfirmed that it wasn't and that this weekend is back on.:-)
So we took two shots on Saturday of last week, in the freezing cold I must add. Great looking shots though.My outfists were pretty cool. But un-fortunatley there was a slight problem with the lighting of them and we need a re-shoot. That is happening tomorrow. So I will keep you informed.
I'm quite lucky because JB Photogrpahy has agrred to compile me a protfolio from the shoot! This I am very excited about. So once I have my hand on that I can provide all you guys with the photographs to have a mooch at. Exciting! Apparently so far, they are looking good! (Thumbs up)

This is not a JB Photograph. This is a personal one (one of my own). Just thought I would use it as the subjects were Modelling and photography! aha!