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Monday, 27 February 2012

Tea For Two

The Great British Cuppa (And a compeition -Sort of)

Now I enjoy a good pint, a good cider, a good glass of Vino and a good glass of many other a thing but noting quenches my thirst and desire for liquid like a good 'English Cup Of Tea' or a 'Brew' as some of you like to call it.
(Me having a brew.)

You are probably wondering why on earth I have decided to dedicate my Monday Blog Post to this cup of gorgeousness. Well - I found myself reading some tea facts this morning and it spurred me on to share my love for the bevvy and let me tell you it is BIG love.

Did you know?!? That last year us Brits guzzled 200,000,000 cups of tea a day, a day! Can you believe that. I mean that is some serious tea loving is it not? I reckon I put a pretty big dent into that figure if I am honest. I can get through a lot of tea in a day and I'm sure I am not the only one.

And ... This is where you all come in. I know you have been sat here reading this thinking "Yeah but where does the competion come in?" Well read on -

I am on the hunt for the best cuppa. Now I have heard of some pretty cool flavours in my time but I want to hear about more. So - to the one who can inform me of the greatest flavoured tea you will win the following:

* A box of my favourite tea bags! (Don't knock it - You don't know how good they are yet.)

I am looking forward to trying all these wonderful flavours of tea that you guys have got in store for me. Tis little competition will come to a close this Friday 2nd March at 11.00am so do get your entries in. :-) I will do my best to try all the tea advised.

To all those tea enthusiasts you need to check this website out: