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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dotty Veltman

Our New Addition

As you all know, at home I have a a big dog named "Blue" (Weimarana) He is a super dog with loads of really wonderful points. However, our Blue Boy appears to suffer with what I like to call - Only DOG syndrome. This consists of crying when being left, pacing, jealousy etc: So, we took it upon ourselves to sort this little Blue Boy problem out. And, sort it we did. That's right. We sorted it with this little girly ...

Dotty Veltman! She is 12 weeks old and a Springer Spaniel cross Rough Haired German Pointer. Blue is now settling into life as a double act. Infact, they both are and they are both pretty good at it. Already they love one another very much and could play constantly for a good day or two and not get tired I'm sure.

She is a really lovely little girly but don't be mistaken by the butter wouldn't melt look in her eyes. She is a bit of a naughty one. On the grass, chewing shoes, weeing on the rug etc: You name it she is bound to do or match it with something even worse. 

All that put aside. She seems like she will be easy and rewarding to train like Blue Boy and her being full of life makes her very enjoyable indeed. I cannot wait to take them both out for a wander and a run. I'm sure she will out run Blue and find sometime to dig a few holes whilst out.