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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Finding "Sir Clive" A new home ...

Sir Clive is our 9 month old cockerel shown above at the front and it is with much regret that we are trying to find our man a new home. :-( We hatched him and have cared for him for the past 9 months and really do not want to get rid of him as we have come quite attached the little fella. But, the girls have started laying and he can no longer be kept in the same pen as them. Due to space we can't home him anywhere else in our garden. We also have 6 new girls arriving to move in with our previous tennants and they could really do without sir Clive "loving them" so to speak.
If you feel you could give our cockerel a good home or you know someone who can. Please let me know!
Our Sir Clive Re-home Contender So Far are:
- Dudley Zoo 
- Umberslade Farm
- Essington Farm Shop
- Northecoat Farm

Please Help Getting Sir Clive Re-homed!