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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


The Blue Veltman Appreciation Society

It could be classed as a little sad, I am aware but, in all truths I do not care.A friend of ours, upon the arrival of our boy "Blue" decided he would create an appreciation society for the little fella on Facebook. And, seen as the dog himself has had some necessities removed today I though it may be a good time to get the old online society back up and running. 

So ... Show your appreciation to our kid. (Follow the link to spread some Blue Boy love.)

Also ... Big cuddles for Blue as he has just come out of his operation and he is doing well. :-) 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A doodle

A Birthday Present To Blog About

On Saturday it was one of my best buds birthdays (24) :-0 Oh my lord! Ha Ha.

So basically I just wanted to wish her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I am hoping she had a splendid day. I'm sure she did. I'm off for some birthday fodda and a tipple or two this evening, so let the celebrations begin. :-)

It took me a long time to think of what to buy Miss Maria for her birthday. But, once I had come to a decision I knew I had a mission on my hands. I decided to draw her a picture. A picture a little better than my usual doodlings. Took me some time but after a fair few hours I produced something half decent for the birthday girl. 
I thought I would pop the process up on here for you to have a mooch at. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

Padstow 2011

Summer Holiday Padstow

Sorry I have been away from the blogging scene for a few days (A week even) I have been busy enjoying myself in padstow and indulging in Rick Steins fish and chips. ;-) It is true I consumed the leading chefs battered cods and fancy taters! They were/are wonderful and very much worth the dollar. 

On the subject of Padstow (Cornwall) Wow! What a beautiful place! Been before? ... No? You really should go and check it out. It is just a lovely town full of lovely people. There are also some pretty impressive dogs wandering around. 

The locals in Padstow have renamed the town "Padstein" as Rick Stein seems to have opened everything he possibly can. A chip shop, A deli, A gift shop, A patisserie, A Sea food restaurant etc: But I guess he brings in an awful lot of tourism for local businesses and what not. And, he does rustle up a good steak let alone the cheese board.

It was my first ever trip to Cornwall and I have completely fallen in love with the place. Completely. We will definitely be heading back there soon.

We camped and luckily the weather held out allowing us to fully enjoy the views of the estuary for the week and bask in the sunlight with our boy Blue. All in all a very successful camping trip and very fun through and through.

Are you a Cornwall fan? If so, any recommendations on where to head to next? Please let me know.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Death Of Georgia B

Death Of Georgia B
A little while back I was asked by "Last Fancies" to play the part of Gerogia B in their production of "Death Of Georgia B." 
I now have got my hands on this beauty, check it out and see what you think. It's a sort of follow on video from the show. Very good stuff!
The Death of Georgia B - Last Fancies from Light House on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A little Plea ...

A Small Push ...

You may or may not be aware from previous posts that I have enterd the "Next 2011" model competition online. It is a vote for who you (As the general public) wish to win kind of thing. And ... I'm just begging a few votes off you basically. 

So if you wouldn't mind helping me reach that top 250 then ...


Click the link above to do so or on the navigation bar on the left, hit the VOTE FOR ME button! Thank you!

Monday, 13 June 2011



Wow! Is really all I can say as far as Shine is concerned, wow indeed! What a wonderful, emotional and memorable weekend all the "Strawberry Girl-ers" had. It was just the best way to remember our friend "Lindsay Flavell" and a really great way to celebrate her life and show how much fun raising for breakthrough Breast Cancer meant to her. 

Currently I don't have the figures of how much we raised in total. I believe it is all being totted up, from all the marathons, triathlons etc that Lyndon Flavell ran to the end Finale (Shine).
Check out a few of Lyndons T-shirts that he has collected from earlier fund raisers for "Strawberry Girl"

Photographs, videos and reviews will be coming soon!

Friday, 10 June 2011



As some of you may be aware from previous blog posts, SHINE is back and it starts tomorrow. I am very much excited, it should be a really wonderful weekend.

Fancy popping along to come and see this piece of lovliness? If so, let me know ;-)

To find out a little more about SHINE see previous blog posts and check this link out:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Drama Workshop

Rainbows Drama Course

Today saw the start of 1st Finchfield Rainbows 4 week drama course. Start of a little journey for them really as some of the rainbows have never encountered performance or drama before. So it was all very exciting for them and also very exciting for myself. The last time I was there doing anything particularly drama based was a few years back when I took a puppet project there. (Newhampton Gang) Was a college TIE project. Basically we had to create a piece of touring theatre that was "Theatre In Education"

It went really well today. I just spent most of my time getting to know the group and getting them a little focused where drama is concerned. We spent most of the time building the 3 C's that I like to use when working with children and performance (This was a skill gained when working with the TIE company "Urban Voice)


These are three words that I feel are very important when becoming an actor or teaching drama. Also, the three C's really help with team building and helping to lose inhibitions.
All in all a good first session really. 3 more to go before the Parents presentation. Should be a good few weeks.
I shall keep you updated.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Virtual Makeover

Makeover By Topshop

Topshop! A place of really beauty. Expensive beauty mind, but beauty none the less. That shop makes me want to spend hundreds of pounds whenever I go in. Hundreds of pounds that i do not have may I add, so sadly but surely I have to resort to the good, old trusty primark to get my retail fix. ;-)

However I did find this bad boy online and it is great fun.

It allows you to make yourself over into a wonderful and lovely TOPSHOP Model. Sounds terrible? and overly digital? Well it isn't, it is actually very impressive, very impressive indeed. You should try it out and when you do, share you pictures. Get them up on here and let me guess if it is the tribal look you have gone for or the grunge effect. ;-)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wolverhampton Magazine

Ooo Er!

So, me and the mister attending SSMT ball a little while back. I think I mentioned it in my "Welcome" back post ... Well, there was a photographer wandering round during our evening of poshness snapping away as they do. I though nothing of it to be honest until ... I got a phone call off a friend telling me to turn to page "Something or another" in the Wolverhampton magazine. So I did and guess what?

Yes! That's right, like a spread in OK! (Alrite maybe not) but all the same there we are Me and Mr V in our only little box with our own  little number listing to our names. How larvley.

Apologies for the very bad photograph but when i get round to it, I shall scan in a better one for you bloggers to see.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cast Your Vote

Vote For Me

Next in association with STORM are on the hunt for a new  2011 model and I am part of the competition and believe me the competition is fierce. Some of the entrants photographs are strinking. 
So I really need your help. If you feel I have the face for Next (So to speak) please cast a few votes for me. The more votes I get the more chance I have of giving this modelling lark a bash. 

Vote for me!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


None Educated Delinquents

 In this film we are straight away thrown into 1970's Glasgow with a bang and believe me the atmosphere this film created could be cut with a knife (Literally!) With knife crime being the main focus running through this film, the previous gag seemed somewhat appropriate.
This is just one of those films brewing with raw talent and created by superb writing. It has been described as "Trainspotting meets This Is England" So when you think about it you can quite easily gather how gritty and stunning this piece of film is.
There is definitely a constant theme of "the shock factor" running through NEDS. You hold your breath at least once every 10 minutes, wondering how the chase is going to end or whether he really is going to use that on the poor mans body. Sounds quite brutal and highly un-necessary I know, but as Brutal as it is, trust me, it is all necessary.
This is a film that for me shows pure commitment from every single actor and writer with a real strong sense of direction at it's highest standard running throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed this film even the bits that left me feeling a little queasy. Plus, the clothes they wear are just beautiful ;-)

I won't say much more as I can see that you are desperate to get your bum off the seat and get yourself down to Blockbuster, just to rent this.
If you are still interested in this film and want to know a bit more, then check out the trailer below: