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Monday, 15 March 2010

Year 8 Boys. Lord Slikin School. Telford

Last Thursday (apolagies for the late blog post) I worked with Urban Voice Limited  as an Arts Worker/ Actress. We were spending the morning at Lord Silkin Secondary school in Telford with a group of year 8 boys. This particular group are working on creating a short film. So looking at camera angles, camera movement and different camera shot. I went along with Urban Voice Limited to :
A) Show the class my showreel and speak as an actor. Allow them to ask me any questions based on my job and experiences.
B) Run the lesson along side the director.

So we started our morning, watching my showreel and allowing them to ask me any questions about acting and what not. Some of the questions I got asked were hillarious. Eg: Jessica. Was the food on set any good? haha! Great stuff. Infact the food was awesome but moving on. . .
We then spoke about different ways in which a camera can be used. Angles, movement, shot etc:
We played the showreel again but this time we were forgetting the acting and focusing more on the camera and crew side of things. So they had to identify all different technical and camera sides of the movie. Eventually, they got the hang of it all and we went away and filmed some scences of our own. We had:
1 lad on clapper board
1 on camera
1 on boom mic
1 on sound control
2 acting.
and we alternated it accordingly.
It was a really great session and the lads appeared to really enjoy it. That was really only the first stage of this particular project. Now they have an understanding of filming, cameras and sound. They are going to be filming, producing, writing and acting in their own film. So best of luck guys. I can't wait too see the final outcome. I believe that you have started writing and it is looking pretty good.

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