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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Youth Theatre

I have just recieved a phone call off Urban Voice Limited to tell me that they are very much stuck this evening for Arts workers to run tonight session. So, would I mind going along? Answer: "No not at all!" Therefor tonight I will be running a junior and a senior youth theatre.

What Have I Got Planned For You Tonight Then Guys?
Well, I do believe after great success and fantastic ticket saled for the youth theatre last year with their production on "The Snow Queen" you are now doing "Alice In Wonderland." Woo one of my favourites.
I have printed the famous Tweedle Dee and Tweedle scene off to be looked at this evening. Brilliant scene with some wonderful dialogue and great characters. Also I have printed the poem "You are old, Father William." This is a poem that features in the film "Alice In Wonderland" So let's see what you can do with that! Hopefully we will have a fun, energetic and focussed re-hearsal tonight. Come on guys let's give Karl and Nicola something great to watch next week!

And as for the Juniors, you lot are silent movie-ing I believe. What a wicked topic to be getting on with. So this evening we will have a bash at creating our own silent movie style pieces of Theatre. We will spend some time discussing character eg: Vilain, Hero, Heroin etc: We will also discuss our body language and our acting style. You know, because there is no sound, you have to be so over the top with your actions in order to get the message across!
Well on the subject of Silent Movies. I had a crack my self at doing the over the the top side of things. So I have come up with a little collage of silent movie faces! Just a bit of fun. I'm sure it wouldn't pass any film critic. aha!

What do you think? Do you understand what I am trying to say silently through expressions? . . .No!? . . . Oh! haha

Check Urban Voice Limited's website out: