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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Guys and Dolls

South Staffs Musical Theatre Company Bring you ...
Guys and Dolls

As you are aware from previous posts - South Staffs Musical Theatre company are presenting us with "Guys and Dolls" this week at the Grand  Theatre in Wolverhampton and I have the up-most pleasure of being engaged to the director and being good friends with the cast!

I went to see the show on opening night (Tuesday) and I was utterly impressed by every single persons performance through out the production. Everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time. The show just oozed "Show biz" and "Pizazz" with a wonderful back drop and superb scenery that pleased the eye greatly.

On a personal note I would really like to congratulate everyone in the cast and company. I loved it that much, I am back there this evening with a bunch of friends that I have dragged along.

For anyone pondering over whether to come or not ... Don't take my good words for it. Check out the following reviews.

And for a sneak preview of Re-hearsals please follow the link below ...