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Monday, 13 February 2012


Joanne Blakemore Strikes Again!

My trusty friend with a Camera and some serious skills does a fantastic job once again. If taking superb photographs of my wedding wasn't good enough she has now managed to produce some fantastic photographs from a recent shoot we had.

The shoot was 60's styled and based around the idea of 'Twiggy-ness.' A style and model that holds the highest place in mu heart if I am honest. I find it a really inspirational style as it seemed to push an awful lot of boundaries. No jean was tight or flared enough, no shirt was tailored enough, No boot white enough and no eyelash long enough. They always seemed to go above and beyond what was possible. 

So 60's rant over and back on to Joannes Photography. For those of you that keep tabs on my blog and enjoy reading it, you will know that I have done alot of work with Joanne in the past and regularly model for her. She is a Midlands based Photographer who is just starting up (if you like) She is currently building up her Portfolio and it would be really great if any Feedback that you had could be passed on to her. So, anything you wish to share about Joannes photographs please do and I will make sure all messages are sent to her.

We are still waiting on a few photographs so I will share with you what I have. Obviously, these are of a lower resolution and size to the originals but all the same, I think you get the idea.

A big thank you goes out to Joanne for these photographs. There will be more to come soon.