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Friday, 29 July 2011

Introducing ...

Let Me Introduce You To ...
"Karl Veltman"
.. And his new blog!

(Apologies for the small and blurry image.)

As some of you may be aware I happen to have a very important man in my life and that man happens to now have a blog of his own. That's right - he jumped on the "Blog" band wagon and has become a devoted blogger.
It's a fun diary sort of blog (if you get my drift) But, definitely worth a read or two. Please follow the link below to have a little nose at Mr Karl Veltman's Blog.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dotty Veltman

Our New Addition

As you all know, at home I have a a big dog named "Blue" (Weimarana) He is a super dog with loads of really wonderful points. However, our Blue Boy appears to suffer with what I like to call - Only DOG syndrome. This consists of crying when being left, pacing, jealousy etc: So, we took it upon ourselves to sort this little Blue Boy problem out. And, sort it we did. That's right. We sorted it with this little girly ...

Dotty Veltman! She is 12 weeks old and a Springer Spaniel cross Rough Haired German Pointer. Blue is now settling into life as a double act. Infact, they both are and they are both pretty good at it. Already they love one another very much and could play constantly for a good day or two and not get tired I'm sure.

She is a really lovely little girly but don't be mistaken by the butter wouldn't melt look in her eyes. She is a bit of a naughty one. On the grass, chewing shoes, weeing on the rug etc: You name it she is bound to do or match it with something even worse. 

All that put aside. She seems like she will be easy and rewarding to train like Blue Boy and her being full of life makes her very enjoyable indeed. I cannot wait to take them both out for a wander and a run. I'm sure she will out run Blue and find sometime to dig a few holes whilst out. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Anglias at The ACE

ACE Cafe Anglia Gathering
On Saturday just gone my Dad and I took a little trip to Wembley/London. Not only did we take a trip but we took the so called trip in my Daddio's Ford Anglia. Some of you may have heard of The ACE Cafe there in Wembley, well that's where we went. You see it was a Ford Anglia day and what a day it was.

So, my Dad picked me up bright and early in the Beautiful Beast ...

And we travelled in style along the motorway. even the rain and a leaky windscreen didn't stop us from enjoying the journey down. Oh. and of course the thought of our Full English waiting for us was a bit of a spur on also. 

We arrived in the rain at the "ACE" ...

The weather didn't seem to bother too many Anglia owners. Quite a few folk turned up, including Retro Ford and their project car "Project Potter." Very cool indeed. When the rain stopped, I even managed a little pose by my Dad's baby ...

Overall, we had a super day at the "ACE" and it was really great to see the other cars. I didn't realise how much a Ford Anglia can be modified and how great they can look afterwards. Personally, I prefer a Classic car to be left as it is, just maintained like. However, I do understand why people customise and modify them, there were some really impressive auto-mobiles there. 

Breakfast at the "ACE" was stunning and just before we left I even managed this bad boy ...

What a brill day spent with the Daddio.

ACE Cafe -

Friday, 15 July 2011

Wolverhampton Magazine

Wolverhampton's Magazine
(Did not know what they let themselves in for ...)

Here in Wolverhampton we have a magazine called ... Yes! You guessed it .. "The Wolverhampton Magazine." But, unfortunately unless you live up the Posh end of the city (If you can say the city has a posh end) then you don't receive this glossy book of Wolverhamptoness.

Sorry look at me blabbing on ... What I am trying to say is, A few months ago, the Fiancee and I attended "South Staffs Musical Theatre Companies" 75th Anniversary ball. Which may I add was a very lovely evening fueled by wine and the macarena. Anyway, there at the ball was a photographer snapping away as you do. I just presumed it was for the "Express and Star" or for the companies portfolio but .. Oh no ... He was snapping away fro none other than thee "Wolverhampton Magazine" So, low and behold the week after the ball there we appeared. Printed in colour with our own little number and name labelling.

A very bad photograph of it I must add but all the same, there we are. Hopefully I will be getting a better quality one up for you to all oggle at soon!

To find out more about the "Wolverhampton Magazine" please follow the link below

Thursday, 14 July 2011


SUBMARINE (2010 Film)

Submarine is a film adaptation of a book by the same name originally written by "Joe Dunthorne" in 2008 in 2008 and seriously what a film it is! I am yet to read the book, but I am sure if the film is anything to go by it will be truly wonderful.
I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Mainly I enjoyed the pace of it. It was in no rush what so ever to express itself to you, it just seemed to do so in it's own time. I guess you almost became entranced by the film like.The beautiful costuming and scenery just fixes you to the screen permanently.
I don't tend to say much about the films or books on here. I just like to give a little over brief to entice you watch or read it. And, I really do believe this is a British film that you must see very soon.
Their isn't really another coming of age film like it, it is so British it's lovely. A proper love story full of proper people. Lovely dressed people may I add.

Oh an I must add that the soundtrack from this film is written and sung by the frontman of the "Arctic Monkeys." Hopefully this will give him a head start in the world of solo.

If you are a fan also of this film, please let me know.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Google +

Fancy A Google + Invite? ...

We all knew it was going to happen didn't we? The day Google took over the Social network and kicked Facebook to the curb. Well ... That time could be happening sooner than any of us could have imagined. Google have now introduced "Google +" to us all and what an introduction it is.

Very similar to facebook in more ways than one but also very dis-similar in alot of different areas. It is well worth a sign up and a check out. Un-fortunately you can only sign up for an account if you have an invite off someone already logged in and active. 

So ... If you are wanting to get yourself known in the Google + world, please comment me your email address in this post and I will personally send you an invite and get this Social network off the ground! :-)

Let me know what you think of Google + guys. I'm curious as to where this Social Networking thing can go ...

Monday, 4 July 2011


Very Much In need ...

Of a pair of these ...

High top or low tops I really don't mind. Feel free to throw either my way. I will even go white with them :-)