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Thursday, 14 July 2011


SUBMARINE (2010 Film)

Submarine is a film adaptation of a book by the same name originally written by "Joe Dunthorne" in 2008 in 2008 and seriously what a film it is! I am yet to read the book, but I am sure if the film is anything to go by it will be truly wonderful.
I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Mainly I enjoyed the pace of it. It was in no rush what so ever to express itself to you, it just seemed to do so in it's own time. I guess you almost became entranced by the film like.The beautiful costuming and scenery just fixes you to the screen permanently.
I don't tend to say much about the films or books on here. I just like to give a little over brief to entice you watch or read it. And, I really do believe this is a British film that you must see very soon.
Their isn't really another coming of age film like it, it is so British it's lovely. A proper love story full of proper people. Lovely dressed people may I add.

Oh an I must add that the soundtrack from this film is written and sung by the frontman of the "Arctic Monkeys." Hopefully this will give him a head start in the world of solo.

If you are a fan also of this film, please let me know.