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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Robert Lane

Mr Robert Lane
Robert Lane is a good friend of mine and a very good musician. You may have heard his music already or been lucky enough to attend one or two of his gigs, because let's face it, the guy is quite a busy bee when it comes to gigging. Down in London one weekend and busking in Edinburgh the next. He is a very talented guy, with super song writing skills, I'm sure you will agree. Well you will shortly once you have checked him out online. 

Want to know a bit more about Robert? Please visit his blog/website at:
If you like what you hear, then why not follow his blog, or twitter to find out where you can catch his tunes next ... 
I am sure Rob would like to know what you all think. So please, open this blog post up to discussion and any feedback will get sent to Robert.