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Friday, 30 April 2010


Do you remember a few posts back, I posted a few contact sheets with all different headshots of mine on. (My new ones that is)? Well, 1 has been chosen by my agent. This I forgot to mention to you. Can you believe that? Especially after my last post regarding headshots promised that I would reveal "The Chosen One" to you. Right ok anyhoo. It has been decided that Number 4 off the contact sheet will be my headshot. :-)

This is the one. Obviouslly this picture is a slightly lower quality one compared to the official print outs like.

Just a little thought for the weekend:
The other day I was listening to radio 2 on my drive home from the shops. They were discussing the following:
"If a pig is dropped in water it will swim insticivlley to the nearest shore, bank etc:" The were trying to determine whether this was ture or not. I myself found it quite a funny topic to be discussing but didn't stick around long enough to hear the answer and the phone ins. So Can any one tell me . . . If pigs are dropped in water will they swim to the shore? Or will the just drown?
Ah man I like pigs. I hope they would swim to the shore. Swim piggy swim!

I think I have just answered it my self with these photographs to be honest. Clearly they aren't just posing for them. They are actually swimming. Wicked! Pigs can swim. Amazing! Truley amazing!
Have a good weekend all!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Three Peaks Challenge 2010

This year - Next week. Friday and Saturdary, with BAE SYSTEMS WOLVERHAMPTON both me and my Daddio are helping out with the "Three Peaks Challenge." Your probabaly think "What on earth is The Three Peaks Challenge?" Well this is the best I can desbribe it to you, because to be honest I am not 100% sure myself. I'm just going along to help out and have a nice sunny weekend down in Church Stretton :-) Ok So . . . Teams from all over the shop, even as far as France can enter them selves into this challenge. Basiccly they go to Church Stretton for the weekend and do a 26 mile walk across three fairly big hills "Caer Caradoc" being one 0f them. The team that completes it the fastest, wins! Voila! And my purpose is to stand at check point 5 with Dad and tick them off as they stroll by. Job done.

Good Things For Me And Dad Whilst Helping Out:
- We are right next to a pub. Wooop I am seriously hoping the real ales are good!
- We may take our mountain bikes to have a ride around Church Stretton.
- The hotel has a heated outdoor pool. Get a morning and evening swim in.
- All you can eat buffet. Just watch my Dad
- Great room
- The even chuck in a free mug and Tshirt. Why thankyou BAE!

I am looking forward to a weekend away with the father. I'm thinking I may miss Blue Boy and Karl though. But still it will be super fun especially if the weather holds out! :-)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New Website/ Updated Website

Today my website has had a bit of a re-vamp. Quite exciting. Im actually quite chuffed with how it is looking at the moment. It isn't finished yet, completely. But I am allowing you guys the opportunity to check it out and tell me where I am going wrong and right? I am aware that the blog option on the page isn't working yet. Does anyone know how I can get an RSS feed in there? It's all to confusing! Anyway, please let me know what you think about it guys! It would be a big help!

Also. I have recieved these bad boys off Blakemore photography today. Thought I would post them up on here for you all to see. Hope you like folks!


So there you have it! I love the first photograph it's a bit differant I must say! :-)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I Am Now On Spotlight!

You will fine me on spotlight now folks. Very fancy I know. Pretty chuffed with it to be fair. Although my photograph has been cropped. Hmmm. So guys, here is the link to my spotlight page:
Check it out and tell em what you think!

Click to view my Spotlight CV
Bit of a boring post really isn't it? You know,  if I just talk about me appearing on spotlight 2010. Lets make this a little more interesting hey!? Right, sitting infront of me in this office (I am voering for a colleague you see) is a big box of "Dairy Milk" it is literally right in front of me and No! I have not touched one, as they are not mine. But it raises the question . . . Is Dairl Milk that great of a chocolate? Or do i prefer Galaxy? Or maybe I'm a Green And Blacks Girl? Bournville? Now that's tastey! I defeantly prefer dark chocolate to milk or white chocolate. I also find the chocoalte made by "Green And Blacks" to be utterly divine. Especially, the dark chocolate with ginger in. I mean come on. Who dosen't like that.
So Tell me.... What'sthe greater chocolate?

1- Daily Milk ?

2 - Galaxy ?

3- Green and Blacks ?

4- Bournville ?
For me ... It's defenatly between the "Grenn And Blacks" collection or the "Bournville" Hands down. Yummy. All this talk of chocolates is making this box infront of me all the more tempting.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Running The Wombourne Half Marathon 2010!

Today i have put myself forward and I am now officially running the "Wombourne Half Marathon 2010" Superdee duper. The reason i am running this particular half marathon is because I have put myself up for the "LOndon MArathon 2011" Yes, you heard correctly I am going to brave the shin slints, the knee buckle, the rolled ankles and hitting that world famous wall in aid of charity and a maseph 26 miles. But, not walking, no RUNNING! Yes siree. Runing! The wombourne marathon is not run for a chirty it is mereley to help me along with my training. Fingers crossed for the 4th May 2010. This is when the ballot is open for the "London MArathon" Hopefully  will ghet thrugh and be able to run the race! :-)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Say Goodbye

Can you believe it? I woke up this morning to NO crow or a "Cocker Doodle Doo" off Sir Clive, No "Sqwaaaark" off Susan and No "Cluck" of Me Julie. Do you know why? .... Because the fox has had the lot! It''s true he has decapitated every single one of them and left them sprawled all over the place for me to skip merrily down to this morning. I am truley, truley gutted. I just cannot believe it.
I bet your all thinking "Well you should have shut them in then!" Yes that's true. But, guess what? They were. They were should away snug in there shed as they always are. The odd thing is the fox actually broke into the shed, somehow. Without even leaving a mark. We have a flap that you have to slide up by a wire to let them out. Somehow, the fox has managed to hold that open while he kills them all. How? I do not know. I wouldn't have though it possible. But, Clearly it is! I am so so so so gutted!
Goodbye Susan, Sir Clive, Mavis, Fi Fi Trixibell, Moira Stewart, Me'Julie and The Nameless 2. It was really nice knowing you. :-(

I had grown so attached to them and everything. I feel somewhat sombre and morose today, now. Seriosuly it sounds wierd but "I loved you guys!"

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Golden Oldies

It is true, they are always the best aren't they? The golden oldies. In my case these golden oldies happen to be some photographs of my earlier acting days. Back when I used to be a member of "The Television Workshop" in Birmingham. Oh how I miss those days! Gosh, I loved it there. Anyway, my old drama teacher found some old photographs out and popped them on facebook for us to admire and steal. So ... I thought to myself "Get them on the blog!" Now I must apologise for the blurriness of them, I have had to steal them off the Blackberry you see. But still you can see that when I was younger I was somewhat "Chubbier" and "Very different" to how I look now. Haha.

This photograph was taken in the ITV studios. We were auditioning the row of lade behind us. You may recognise them, they are all children's television presenters now. The most known one being Abs on the right. Well they were auditioning to be the new Children's TV presenter on BBC and we were auditioning them. In all fairness, Abs was always my favourite. ;-)

This is a photograph taken of the play "Ruckus In The Garden" That we took to the nationals in London not to long back. I'm not convinced that I look to well as a hoodie. But it was a great character to play. Something to really get your teeth into.

Oh dear. This is just me in character messing around backstage!
Haha What a brilliant collection of photographs. Plus there is so many more, but I didn't think i would bore you with them all. I will occasionally be putting them up in posts for you to have a little mooch at. Isn't it funny how we grow up and change?

The Birmingham workshop (That I attended) is now run by Ross Simpson and goes by the name of "First Act Wroskhops." You can visit there website:
ALSO . . . This evening I am off in to Birmingham myself for an audition. I will be auditioning for a BBC Drama set in the 60's/70's. Un-fortunately that is all I can tell you. As that is all I know :-) But I will let you know how I get on :-)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

26 Mile Walk For "Help For Heroes"

On the 6th June 2010. I am walking the annual "Walkathon" with BRMB Radio Station. 26 miles! Can you believe it! I will be walking th walkathon with my good friend Ruth. To be honest it is Ruth that is doing most of the fund raising for this particular course, as it wasn't too long back that i jumped out of a plane for "Breakthough breast cancer" So i figured it was a bit too soon to start asking people to sponsor me again. But it is a really good cause. That really needs your support and donations. So I am going along to walk with and sponsor Ruth. The walk is around Birmingham and will probably last about 8-9 hours! Oh my Oh my Oh my! More like 28, 29! aha!

"You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard the stories. Each one tells of a life which has changed beyond recognition within seconds. The life of one of those men and women serving in a current conflict.

The popular rugby player, now starting again - without his legs. The son of your neighbour, still struggling to learn to speak again. The old school-friend who lost his right leg below the knee in an explosion.
Thanks to the excellent work at Selly Oak, Birmingham has a long history of providing the best immediate medical care for those returning with sometimes devastating injury, But the care has to go beyond the operations, the drips and the skilled surgeons, it’s about the journey back from the injuries of the battlefield - to really living again.
That means having somewhere close to the hospital where that process can begin. A dedicated space in a comfortable setting, away from the clinical areas. It's difficult to over-estimate the importance of this to those who have gone through so much - and their families"

If you wish to sponsor Ruth please do let me know and I will pass your details on to her. Anyhoo, wish us luck! :-) Hopefully we will get some photographs up on the blog after the walk for you to have a look and a laugh at. Our hot sweaty brows on a mugshot, nice!
Sponsor us here:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Plans Are Well Under Way

Let the wedding planning begin. And it has! We are starting to tick off our check list as we go. How exciting! :-) I believe Joanne is starting to plan the hen night doo, too. Goondess knows what is in store for me. Oh lordy.
So it is official next year I will be Mrs Veltman! :-) Love you Mr V

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Headshots That I Promised . . .

So I have managed to get my hands on a few of my headhsots in the style of a contact form ;-) I am really chuffed with them. The ones we have selected that is. Some of them were shocking. I had crossed eyes on some of them, wrinkled up noses on the other and i'm sure that on one I almost looked like I was dribbling. Which I feel is not a very good luck. Atall! So my three contact sheets are here for you to have a little mooch around. Please bare in mind that they are only email quality. So 72dpi, this isn't how they will look printed (obviosully) They will look far more sharp and ready.

Ok so there you have them. Obviouslly a much smaller selection of shots will be chosen but untill then, this is me and my headhsots.
I must say a maseph thank you to Blakemore photography (Joanne Blakemore) for taking my photographs. I had a great day taking them. It was a real laugh. I couldn't keep my face straight half the time due to laughing so much. We had a great time. I would reccomend them any day. If you want to find out more about Blakemore Photgraphy just drop me an email and I will point you in the right direction, No worries.
Also . . . .
I wanted to mention. If you read this blog regulary or you just happened to stumble acorss it, either or ither, no worries. And you would like to Advertise, be interviewd, share an opinion etc: Please let me know and I would love to do a post on you or your given subject. It would be brilliant so ...
-If your a band with a new single (Let me know)
- If your a model with a new photograph (Let me know)
- If you an artist with a new painting (Let me know)
-If you have seen the most amamzing show and want to review it (Let me know)
Really really do LET ME KNOW. It would be great to do a post on you.


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Friday, 16 April 2010

Chris Evans. Like Or Dislike?

So every morning I wake to the Radio 2 breakfast show (damn that alarm.) As most of you know, it used to Be Mr Terry Wogan that greeted us with a good morning wake up call. But, nowadays we are awoke by the sounds of Mr Chris Evans himself. for some a delight for others an instant turn off. But why? I will be honest with you. I very much enjoyed Terry Wogans breakfast show. I found it easy to listen to and a great way to start my day and those feelings have not changed now that Chris Evans has taken over. I really like his show. I don't agree with the folk sayin "He is too loud, He is too brash, He dosen't know what he is doing etc etc etc:
I happen to be a big fan of the Radio 2 breakfast show, always have. Honestyly, I think I enjoy it that bit more now. Thanks to Chris Evans. It's got that element of fun that was needed. No, I dont agree that their is too much going on. I don't agree with that at all. It's just a fast paced, different every day, lively show.
I have been reading up on people views regarding this subject. Here are some views I cam across. See if you agree or disagree.
"I think Chris Evans is a breath of fresh air and what I have heard of his show has been fantastic. It's great to hear Chris back where he belongs."

"I don't like Evans' 'style' or his voice, and both are in total contrast to Wogan. I have endured two days but won't bother any more - which is possibly the reaction of other listeners of 'my' generation (over-60).No doubt Mr Evans will gain a younger audience to replace the (probably) older listeners that he has lost.... "
"It was inevitable that Chris Evans was going to replace Wogan. Evans was a success on Drivetime and he will be a success on the breakfast show. "
"I like Chris, if i could change anything it would be no phone-ins. "
So what do you make of the above quotes? The were taken from an online forum. Blimey! Things get quite heated in those things don't they? Some people, adults I must add. Really do come across as children on forums. Wish they would think about what they saying before they type it out and hit send. Their comments can make them look quite childish. But then again every one is entitled to type what they will, after all it is a free country and all that milarkeeeeee!
I am intrigued. Let me know your opinions on Mr Chris Evans himself. Let's get our very own little DEBATE happening right here on "An Actors Blog"
I am a fan! But that dosen't mean you have to be ....
Thought I would leave you with this little bad boy. Even if you do dislike Chris, there's no denying that this is a very funny video. Well I laughed anyway! Enjoy . . .

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Open Mic Night

So my best buddy in a hoody is going away for a week to somehwere nice and hot that's named after a christmas meal. Turkey! Yes that's right she is swanning off and sunning herself in none other than the beautiful land that is, Turkey. Jealous much? erm . . . (Looks the window at the grey sky) Yes! And, I will miss her while she is gone.
So to wish her farewell we decided lets go get a few bevvy's in. Nice one! But I'm not really maseph on the club scene if I am honest. I'm more of a go out and have meal with a few drinks kind of girl. Or a pubby. At least somewhere where I can hear the people I am with, I don't have to remove myself from ym seat because some man is dribbling on my shoulder and I dont have to put up with randoms saying "Will . . . (hiccup)... you be my .... (burp) ... Friend?).  With that in consideration we headed for "Alchemy!" a local bar with real fires and the like. Wednesday night (lucky for us) is open mic night and what a night it is. Wonderful. I love open mic nights. It's so lovely to just be able to sit and listen to loads of unique styles and just have a bit of a laugh really.
Is this post dragging on!? Yep! Sorry, what I am trying to get to is . . . I got up there! Indeed I did. I took the guitar and bashed out the old  "foundation" by none other than "Miss Kate Nash" herself. It was great fun. There I was with Chantelle on the stage, sitiing on one of those ridiculousy high stools strumming and picking away. Great stuff. I will defeantly be going there again.
If you are local to Wolverhampton get yourself down there it's a great night guaranteed! :-)
Here's  few picture from last night. Unfortuantley none actually show us up on the stage as Chantelle had stolen my Blackberry to find and sing along to the lyrics!

Actually, that is the only photograph I have of the whole night. Oohps! Oh well, here we have Kerrie and Chantelle attending the Open Mic Night!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

MOJO April Edition Is Superb!

"Paul Weller is a man often misunderstood. At least that's the conclusion you reach when you've aborbed Lois Wilson's fascinating and piece with the former Jam man this month. Then again, despite being one of the most revered British artists of the past 30 years, Paul is not alone in that respect. According to her friends and bandmates, Janis Joplin was equally misread. This month, as we mark the 40th anniversary of Janis's passing, we continue MOJO's ongoing journey to unravel the personalities behind the music that soundtracks our lives."

What A Wonderful Edition, Seriously One Must Pick It Up And Read It!

Oh and the low down on my dog, Blue. Remember I told you, a few posts back that he had to go the vets again because we believed he may have swallowed something. Well he hasn't really got any better from the last consultation we had from the vet so today he had to go in for an Xray. :-( This means he had to be sedated! They couldnt find any blockages. So, next theory, Could be bacterial infection or parasites. Sounds nasty. You see when a dog eats anything, they can catch anything! Wish he would just walk without picking up everything he sees on the ground. Get better my little "Bluebian!

Monday, 12 April 2010

New Headshots!

So as I am on my way up ever so slightly. What with a new agent and that I thought it only best to get me self snapped again. Get some variety I was thinking to myself. My present headshots are a bit dull really and I'm very limited with them to be honest. Plus I'm smiling and that's a big NO NO! So yeah Saturday I went down to the Blakemore photography studio and got me self snapped away for the morning. Fun! I don't have copies of the photographs yet but will do soon. So I will let you all have a mooch at them some time soon.

Boogie Nights 2010

Well that came around quickly. Too quickly infact. So yeah . . . Tonight Boogie Nights re-hearsals start. I am quite excited as we have a new director and loads of new members apparently. So it should be really good to get back. Plus I'm really looking forward to getting back on the Grand Theatres stage! :-) Whoop! Missed it! Oh and no doubt there will be some crazy antics through out re-hearsalas as there always is. Chamapgne and the like! haha! :-) I will let you know dates and that if you fancy coming along to watch. It would be great to see you all there! :-)

Friday, 9 April 2010

I won! I won! I Only Bloomin Won!

So I jumped into my Dad's car this morning to go to work when I heard on the radio "Only 5 minutes left to get your answers in?" when I asked Dad what the competition was for he told me it was to win Two tickets to the local Wolves game this weekend. Wolves V Stoke. I am not a maspeh football follower but I do like to get the low down. Plus it is a favourite past time as a kid for me. Off to the match every week with my Dad. So, I thought I would give it a go. But deep down I knew that the winner had probably already been chosen what with only 5 minutes to spare. But how wrong was I!?! I had a phone call back within minutes and I was live on the radio claiming my prize. Well Shocked! Shocked indeed! Wonderful though. I'm quite excited to go along. Me and the Fiancee will be going along to support our team this Sunday Wahey! Give us a win then lads! :-)

So a big thank you to the Wolf radio station 107.7. I will let you know how we get on after the weekend.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

It Was Bank Holiday And I was Gone For Like ... Ever!

Sorry guys. I am fully aware that I had just dissapreared off the face of the earth over bank holiday. I was quite busy those few days. Many apolagies sent out if you were waiting for me to post and I let you down. Super sorry.
I have one thing to say to you all right now.
"I hope you had a really great easter folks!!!"

Hope you didn't eat too many of these bad boys (above) infact, tell a lie. I HOPE YOU DID! because. . .  isn't that what you do at easter. You eat! Loads and loads hahah! seriously, I hope you had a gooden!

Any way . . .  If you look above, this is what I have been busy doing this bank holiday. That's right I have been working with Urban Voice limited on a Project for Walsall Council called Map My Journey. It's all about people using services that the NHS provide and telling us their opinion on them. It was a really good couple of days actually. I had a good time with them. Took a while to get set up and then to pack down to but all worth it. It was quite good to hear people opinions on different services that are available eg: Stop Smoking, Weight loss, Excercise etc.
We set it up in such a way that we filmed the public in a "Diary room", We recorded their voices in "Sat Nav" style and we took photographs of them with signs they had created with their own artwork. Along with filling in questionaires and of the like. With all this different information and different styles a website is being created to share these opinions. That will hopefully be up and running soon, so I will pass that address on as soon as it's live.
Check out Urban Voice Limited here:

Another great thing about the last few days is I absaloutley pigged out on flap jack! Oh lordy, far too much of the stuff. Apparently meant to be healthy for you. But, can't be, not when you eat a whole slab of the stuff! hahah!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Anybody Fancy Purchasing A Pair For Me?

Any body up for it? Now listen. They really aren't too expensive. Oh no I'm just joking but seriosuly I just had to mention these bad boys in my post today. Check them out! How cool are they? Now I know they arent going to be to everyones liking. That's cool but you cannot deny the amazingness of them can you? Seriosuly? Well Now I have shared my love for these polka dot pants I must ask ones opinion.
Shall I purchase these lovlies or not? Let me know guys. I'm stuck

I love them toooooooo!
Pointless post? Meh!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Dog

Me and Blue boy, our Weimarana

Bizarre topic to be speaking about, I know. But seriously my dog is great. I have decided to dedicate this post to him as I have spent the majority of the morning calming him down at the vets. As he appears to have a bit of a tendancy for eating things, you could imagine our worry when he fell ill last week. Our first thought "Oh my word he has eaten a corn on the cob again!" You see, to help you understand that last sentance. 6 months ago he had to have an operation to remove a corn on the cob from his bowell.It's true I'm not lying. It would appear that behind our back our dog tucked in to a KFC variety box and failed to digest or even chew the corn side order. It was a real worry as goodness knows how long it had been jammed in there and what it was doing to him. But one day he became so ill that an emergency op had to be performed and to our suprse "SWEET BLOOMIN CORN!" Shock shock. But now he is all better apart from a minor bowell infection. That's the cause of the vet trip this morning. Much to my relief. So swallow something un-swallowable he did not. Joy! Some antibiotics will do the trick.

Isn't it strange how quickly you form a bond with your pet. No matter what animal it is. If it is in your owner ship and your care then you just fall in love with it. I could not imagine my life without Blue now. Home would not be home without him living in it.
- When I go home after work I love to hear him bounding down the strais, skidding on the laminate floor and smashing into the front door. All that just so he can see me.
- I love how during the night he snuggles up in between us and does anything just to be near us. Even knowing that our ankles are by him, makes him happy.
- He sits and he waits for his food like a true gentlman. You can see him dribbling as he sits there and wait for the command. "It's yours" Goodness, the second he heres those words he bounds face first into his food bowl.
He is just a gentle giant is our Blue Boy and whether it sounds funny or not "I love him!"

Oh and yes Blue does wear a hoodie when he is cold. Keeps him warm (And trendy) of course :-)