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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Friend and Virgin Shorts 

My mateys mother  is pretty nifty with a camera and sure knows how to make a good film. Her name is Dianne Knox and is based in Wolverhampton. She has recently shot a short film called Spin Alley for Virgin Shorts which is super. But of course one needs your votes in order to succeed in such a competition. Follow the link below to view Dianne's film. Well actually tell a lie this isn't the whole film this is an intro of the film that has been cut down to fit the time scale. If you feel that she deserves your vote then please give it to her :-)

Best of luck in The Virgin Shorts Dianne.

About This Film!
Spin Alley
Film maker:
Alice is running to cast her vote and is swayed by various dark and sinister candidates along the way.
Running time: