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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Today, I was a viking for the day. David and I (from Urban Voice) were in a Primary School in Birmingham running a viking based drama day with year 3. Basiccly how it works is the year is split up accordingly and we work on bits of the script with each group creating a final performance. Sounds easy. But, whilst we are working with one group, the other groups ar busy making back drops, sword, shields and helmets for their performance. At the end of the day. Year 3 got to perform their viking play to year 4. Who thoroughlly enjoyed it. They did  A great job today. Plus we got a little trip to the Bull ring out of it ;-) 


Monday, 24 May 2010

First Day

So I was slightly nervous about things today but I knew it would be fairly easy to settle in. We didn't have loads planned for the day as we were doing a sort  of change around from Nicola to me. So we were just creating lists and getting the last niggly bits done before Nicola goes off to have a beautiful baby. Urban Voice had performed "Take Two" at the Arean Theate at the weekend and a lot of the set was still there. So we went and collected that. Shortley after we gave Nicola a goodbye lunch and it was delicious. :-) 

Goodbye Nicola :-) 

Ah yes. Just remembered. I have complteley forgot to tell you all that I got the lead I auditioned for in Boogie Nights. :-) Very exciting stuff indeed. 
Sorry for the short post. Just in a rush. 


Friday, 21 May 2010

Goodbye Old Job, Hello Urban Voice LTD

You heard right. Today is my last day working for BAE Systems. I begin worth with Urban Voice LTD straight away Monday morning. Some of you may have heard me mention this particular company before. As I have always worked as a freelance actress for them. Well, now they are taking me on full time for the next 6 months to cover Nicola Byrne while she is off on maternity.

A Little Bit About Urban Voice Limited:

Urban Voice Limited is a Midlands based production company dedicated to using the performing arts and new media to educate, entertain and inform.

We endeavour to provide a broad spectrum of work and have forged a reputation built on professionalism and quality.
Our work sees an experienced team of professionals (Enhanced CRB checked) developing performing arts based programmes for a wide range of organisations. These include facilitating community projects, developing youth theatre, special projects for schools and touring new and innovative productions.
We also produce bespoke training products for both the public and private sector including role-play, forum-based events and film production.
Urban Voice Limited Web Address:
Urban Voice Limited Blog Address:
There is a link to this Theatre Company on my sidebar too.

I am super excited for Monday to come around as I can't wait to start working for Urban Voice. It is going to be a fantastic experience for me. I will be blogging just as regularly don't you worry. Hopefully each post will be really interesting as I'm sure I will be doing more exciting stuff than sitting behind a computer desk all day. ;-) I cant wait to bring drama to the community and to children's education.
While I think about it I have been leafleting this week for them. I have been sending off the following to local schools. Have a little look and see what you think.

These are wonderful drama based packages for Primary Schools. Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you wish to find out more.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Talking To The Photographer, Joanne Blakemore

Today is going to be a pretty cool post to be honest folks. A photographer friend of mine (Some of you may have heard me refer to her in older posts) has agreed to spend some time doing a blog interview for me today. Also, as some of you may be aware, Joanne is the photographer that took my headshots for me. She is a real talent in the photography world. I am very close to Jo, she is an extremely good friend of mine and I have watched her skills in this area grow and grow for a long time. she really is amazing at what she does. She is a wonderful photographer. Don't forget to let us know what you think? It would be great to hear from you.
All of the photographs used in this blog were taken by Joanne and are copyrighted to Joanne. The photographs used are of a lower focus quality on here that is due to the size and pixel when being emailed. Please enquire further for a disc to be sent to you of the high quality/resolution photographs if wanted.

This is a photograph of Joanne the photographer I am speaking to today.

Hello Joanne Blakemore! :-)

1) Where are you based?
I'm currently based in the west midlands area, but i would travel almost anywhere if the opportunity came around i mean there are so many beautiful places and people in this world i just couldn't refuse.

2)How long have you been a photographer for?

I've always been interested in photography ever since i can remember. I've also had a camera and loved taking photos admittedly just the usual snap shots to being with but it soon turned into a passion of mine, and now i have completed 2 photography course a GCSE which got an A* for and a two year A level course and my results will be out in August so i will keep you posted.


3)What is it that photography gives you that nothing else does?

Photography is my form of self expression. I want to be able to use it as a tool to help me learn about myself and inspire others. taking photos allows me to tell stories about where i have been, things i have done, people i have met and the world we live in.
Photography gives me a rare gift to capture a moment in time which can never be replaced as not one photo is the same. it allows me to capture my own world perspective which others will be able to look at decades down the line.
It has changed the way I view the world, because I now notice what I used to take for granted. It has opened a whole new world for me that I can enjoy and share with others.


4)How do you make sure you take a good photo?

OK so first of all define a good photo? is there such a thing? I would say a good photo is one that is technically correct, i.e.. in focus, balanced both visually and in color. A good picture to me, is one that stirs up an emotion, feeling and tells a story. A good photo is first a subjective thing only in one sense, we have favorite subjects and different interests therefore, up to a point, there is a limit for each and every one of us in the ability to appreciate photos of a given genre. A great photograph is a piece of art, it captures the spirit of a subject and evokes emotion. i would class myself as and artist that can use subtle tricks to appeal to my viewer's senses.

5)What type of photography do you prefer?

I prefer portrait photography mainly. I love the way that every photo you take is special to someone. A great photo I've seen from an amateur is a blur of a girl running through a field. You cannot identify the girl but to her parents, it is totally her because, as they describe it, she is always moving and wild. I loved it. you can capture every emotion in a portrait you can almost read it like a book. Although this is my preferred genre I also have a love for many other genre's infect i just love to take photographs whatever the subject.

6)What's the best way people can get in touch with you?

It would be wonderful to hear from you. Even if it is just to have a chat, or to share ideas, maybe you just want to ask a few questions or book a shoot. Please do get in touch. You can get in touch with me using the following:

Telephone number - 07795468242
Email Address -
Facebook Search - Joanne Blakemore
Jessica Harper's Blog - You can always get in touch with me through Jessica Harper. She will also be able to pass any questions you may have regarding my photography on to me. She may also be able to answer any questions personally as she has done alot of work as a model for me. She knows how I work and will probably be of help when needed.

Thank you for reading my blog interview on Jessica Harpers blog. I hope you enjoyed what you read and I can't wait to hear from you!

  Thank you Joanne. Nice interesting post for you today guys. Don't say I don't give you anything. Well worth getting in touch with Joanne if you want to talk photography or book a shoot.
Oh man! A hectic weekend ahead of me. Off to a hairspray open day at "The Grand Theatre" Wolverhampton on Sunday. This should be a laugh. I hear they are giving out free Krusty Creme doughnuts ;-) Nice one! I will let you all know about it on Monday! Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

WOW Theatre Company

A Little while back I did some work for a Theatre Company Called "WOW Theatre And Arts Company." They were a wonderful company to work with. I directed a show with Urban Voice Limited called "Weer Yow Bin?!" that WOW performed at the Arena Theatre Wolverhampton.

This is me with Katie from "WOW Theatre Company"

WOW are a Theatre Company from Stowheath Day Centre, Wolverhampton.  The established themselves in 2007 and have already performed in venues such as "The Arena Theatre" and  "The Black Country Museum" The work really hard as a company and get involved in awful lot. Then have even performed as part of "Disability Awareness Week." They are a very devoted company who would really appreciate your support.

This is from their show "Weer Yow Bin?!?"

Today WOW have just started there very own blog and have a website being built as we speak. It's pretty exciting stuff for them! Their blog really is worth a visit. It really is worth keeping up to date with this company as they are always so busy performing over Wolverhampton plus they are a fantastic company to watch and be involved with. I have included their blog link in my sidebar but just in case, below is the link to their blog:


This is me with WOW member, Margaret!

" Show em some support, eh lads and lasses!"

Monday, 17 May 2010

A Few Things To Report

Monday 16th May - My mothers birthday. Oh Yes. Happy Birthday Mommzy!
"Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Mooooom.
Happy Birthday to you."
We had a nice day yesterday picnicing, eating, drinking and playing childish games like SWINGBALL. Oh yes, the good old school swingball came out. It's a picnic must.

Yes I am slightly nervous. I know its only an amateur dramatic thing but let's be honest without them half of the big actors and actresses out there would not be where they are today. It's all well and good saying "I am a professional actress blah blah. But you really shouldn't forget the people that got you there. So what if you are professional and in loads of films. It doesn't hurt you to give something back does it? I don' think so and as long as I am in the West Midlands I will support Am-dram all the way.

Also I have just started selling a new item on Ebay. This being a 12 inch Rocky Horror LP. Something quite special to be honest folks. I really regret having to sell it but there really is not enough space in the house to be keeping things that I am not using. So, I am more than happy to find it a new home.
Please follow the link to the auction page. Here you will find a much better description, price and so on.

This is the Item. It is slightly used but still in super condition. Click the link above to find out more, if interested.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Strawberry Girl Productions Will Be Doing "Shine" Again!

2 years ago, my friend Lyndsay Flavell set up a company called "Strawberry Girl Productions." Unfortunately Lyndsay had contracted Breast Cancer not too long before she set this company up and not long after the show, on January 19 2009 we lost Lyndsay to this terrible disease. She was a wonderful lady, a real talent and is sadly missed.
The reason this company was set up, was to raise money for Breakthrough, Breast Cancer Care and for hospitals. We raised this money by putting on a concert called "Shine" at Wolverhampton Civic, completely in aid of Breast Cancer. It was a terrific show and it raised thousands.
I am very pleased to announce that we will be repeating this show very soon. Re-hearsals will soon be underway to get this show up and performing again. I cannot wait.
I hope we do Lyndsay proud. Only she directed and choreographed the last show and I imagine she knows just how she wants the show to look.

The shine cast. Lyndsay is in the middle :-)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hermans Hermits!

Today I thought I would spend some time and devote a blog post to one of my all time favourite bands. That's right. They happen to be "The Hermans Hermits!" Too right!

Where do I start this blog? Well please raise your hand if you are also a fan. (Raise) Ok so "The Hermans Hermits" were created in Manchester in 1963. Yes! I know a little before my time, granted. But that dosen't make me like their music any less. Infact it makes me like it more as I am abig fan of 60's music, a very big fan. These just happen to be one of my favourites. I do think they are truly brilliant. You only have to listen to some of the lyrics in their songs to understnad te genius's that they were. Their music is so catchy that I think anyone would/will like it openly ot secretly ;-)
The band alone has recieved 23 hit singles and 10 hit albums. Tremendous stuff! And all well deserved. They were once a household name along with the Beatles and The Rolling Stones (2 other superb bands.) The band are known mainly for the following songs.
- Mrs Brown
- Wonderful World
- No Milk Today
- Henry The 8th
- Dandy (This song is wonderful)
- God Knows (This song is beautiful)

So there you have it. A little bit about why I love "Hermans Hermits." Let me know if you are also a fan, let me know why you are a fan, your favourite songs, favourite member etc. Or perhaps you know another band with a simular sound or look. Lets get discussing good music hey? Do you believe you know of a better band? Hit me with it. Music is a real passion of me and I am always on the look out for new sounds to dazzle my ears! :-) haha!
I thought I would leave you with a video from the band themselves. "NO MILK TODAY!" Hope you enjoy it folks. This video is a bit slow on the old loading. Was working ok earlier but that dosen't mean it's going to be working ok now. grrr. Hope it does though. and First website was them younger, second is them now.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I Stumbled Across This . . .

On Saturday the Wolves were playing a home game against Sunderland. My Dad and Brother atteneded this game. I don't know if you are aware but "Beacon Radio" commentate the Wolves games live on their radio station. They also attend the home games with a camera, snapping away and uploading their snaps on to their webpage. Well have a look at this snap . . .

That's my Dad and my Brother right there for the world to see on the Beacon website. Haha. They look a little cold don't they? Need to get one of the good old Molineux pies down them.

Beacon Radio 97.2FM

Monday, 10 May 2010

Boogie Nights Auditions
Boogie Nights, Boogie Nights, Boogie Nights

So Boogie nights re-hearsals are well underway but the "Boogie Nights" auditions didn't happen untill Monday Night. If your wondering why I am talking about Monday as though it has already happened (if that makes any sense) it's because due to my weekend away I missed a fair few blogging days. So I am now doing a bit of a blog catch up. Meaning that I am talking about Monday as though it has happened, because it has. I am not blabbing away about what is going to happen. Very confusing I know. Anways back to "Boogie Nights!"

Monday night, audition night. I think it went ok. (Fingers Crossed) I'm not really to sure on the story line of  "Boogie Nights" So it was a slight blind audition. We only had to learn a monologue from the musical so it really wasn't to difficult. I auditioned for the part of "Tirsh" She's the geek within the show. The bit of a spare part so to speak. Quite a good role really comedy wise. So fingers crossed hey? Even if I'm not succesfull the show is looking like it is going to be a good one. I will keep you all informed don't you worry. :-)

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Three Peaks Challenge

A little while back, I mentioned that Dad and I were going away to Churchstetton for the weekend to help BAE SYSTEMS out with their "Three Peaks Challenge." Well the weekend just gone, was the event weekend. I thought I would post a post tolet you know how it went and to present you with some photographs of the short trip away.
Well . . . It was a wicked weekend in all fairness. Dad and I had a great time. We left Wolverhampton at about 10 in a 15 seater minibus and headed for Churchstretton. On the way we made a pitstop at McDonalds to refuel (Ourselves) with bacon and egg mcmuffins. Num num! Upon arrival to destination we helped mark the 22mile route up for the following day, got to know our checkpoint and also became aquainted with the local ale. :-) We felt that was a must. Check in for the hotel wasn't untill 3 so we made ourselves busy up until then. Once sorted routewise and checkpointwise we settled in and visited the local chineese for some grub (tea.) Yummy! Saturday came quickly, it was a very early start. 6 to be exact. Saturday was spent out  in the rain ticking off walkers as they past us and jotting down their times. Once the last person wandered through our checkpoint. We cleared up, collected all the checkpoint markers and way markers, picked up any leftover signs and headed back to the hotel for tea and the award ceremony.
To cut a loooong story short it was a really great weekend. We thoroughlly enjoyed it. We did plan on watching "Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels" Saturday night but completely fell asleep we were so tired. So must watch that one soon. Haha.The weekend was tops and a real success for BAE. Next year Dad and I are creating a team and we will be walking it as aposed to marsahlling it. It's our challenge.
Right so, I thought I would leave you with a handful of photographs from our weekend. Apolagies for photo quality. It's about time they amde the cameras on Blackberries ALOT better.

This is the view from our hotel. Hello Churchstretton.

Me. Messing around in the room.

Another view from the room. Man, it was lovely.

My Dad in the hotel foyer. Looking all official upon arrival.

So there you have it. Mine and Dads weekend away to Churchstretton. Happy Days!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Today Is The Day Folks

What's your thinking folks? share your views before 12 tonight. Oh lordy. get your votes in!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Let's Get Some More Traffic Down Here!

Right then folks. Seriously in a completley blog way, I want you! 
Are you a guitarist with a new tune?
Are you a painter who has just completed their first portrait? 
Do you write poetry and wish to share it with the world? etc: 
No matter what it is you do, I want to hear from you! 
If you wish to get your name out there in the blogger world. Let me know. I can do a post on you as a one off or as a regular. I could also promote your gigs, paintings, CD's, Shows ect: Etc: Even if you are a fellow blogger who just wishes to direct some more traffic your way and get the readers reading your blog. I could do a little blog interview with you to promote your blog. 
Let me know folks. I look forward to hearing from you!