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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

And So I Return ...

That's right folks I have returned to the world of Blogging and boy am I back with vengence! After a long break from "An Actors Blog ..." I have decided to continue to share my journey with you all. Yay! (Hope it's a good thing)
It's a little odd really being back. I have sort of fallen out of sync with everything. Forgotten how the old Blogspot works. Not to worry. I am sure the swing of things will return pretty soon.
So ... Wondering what I have been up to? Yup? ... And me, ha! You know, I really am having to think about it!
I thought I would put together a little photograph run of my time since my last formal post in September!
So here we go!
(Please click on images to enlarge them)

"Boogie Nights" with SSMTC went down really well last October at "The Grand Theatre" in Wolverhampton. It received some really wonderful reviews!

I directed "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe" for "Screaminvoice Youth Theatre" in December. It was performed at the "ARENA Theatre" in Wolverhampton with a total of 7 performances.

I had a smashing Christmas with my Friends and Family.

 Newyears Celebrations were wonderful resulting in a wonderful trip to Cockney Land (LDN).

 I ran and directed a half term youth theatre project at Bloxich Library Theatre. Resulting in a performance of "Techno Tina and Other Terrible Tales."

I became a Box Office and Front Of House Assistant at "The ARENA Theatre" in Wolverhampton. A truley wonderful job.
I dabbled in a bit of hair modelling for Royston Blythe thanks to Emily Faulkner who was lucky enough to win her competition with this hair cut. 
I was invited by "Last Fancies" to help them with their production of "Death Of Georgia B" by playing Georgia B.

Not forgetting a good old Royal Wedding!

So overall a wonderful time spent keeping busy! Why not share with me what you have been up to in these past few months? Post some photographs. Anything really great happen to you recently? If so share it! I hope you all had a wicked past few months as well.