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Monday, 1 March 2010

The Saturday Morning Drama Club Returns

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Apolagies for the above mish mash of numbers and letters. Got to make my blog safe so just verifying a code. Anway . . .
Un-fortunatley last Saturday I could not attend the first meeting back since christmas due to my fall from the sky, so I returned this Saturday. And what a wicked bunch of kids we are working. I have a good feeling about the next few sessions, I have a feeling we will do a fun, lively piece which will be great all round.
After a brainstorm and a few warm up games. We have come up with the title of our piece:
What Happened To Maria!?!
What do you think? It has been adapted from a warm up game we use. I am really looking forward to getting to work on this piece. The kids have gone away this week and written a sentanceto answer the above question. What happened to Maria. I wonder what sorts of things they will come up with!
Here I will do my homework and give it a bash now . . . Are you ready? ok...
What happened to Maria? (answer:) Maria at an apple from Marjories apple store down the road. Since eating that apple Maria has dissapeared. Or so we think. But someone told me that Marjorie poisoned the apple with invisibilitise and now Maria is simply invisable trying to be seen again. Poor Maria!
What do you think? Think that's worthy of a little mention in our show in 4 weeks time? hmmm . . . Probably not, probably best to leave it to the kids eh???
If you would like to write a What Happened To Maria? Paragraph. Feel free. Get them coming in.