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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


None Educated Delinquents

 In this film we are straight away thrown into 1970's Glasgow with a bang and believe me the atmosphere this film created could be cut with a knife (Literally!) With knife crime being the main focus running through this film, the previous gag seemed somewhat appropriate.
This is just one of those films brewing with raw talent and created by superb writing. It has been described as "Trainspotting meets This Is England" So when you think about it you can quite easily gather how gritty and stunning this piece of film is.
There is definitely a constant theme of "the shock factor" running through NEDS. You hold your breath at least once every 10 minutes, wondering how the chase is going to end or whether he really is going to use that on the poor mans body. Sounds quite brutal and highly un-necessary I know, but as Brutal as it is, trust me, it is all necessary.
This is a film that for me shows pure commitment from every single actor and writer with a real strong sense of direction at it's highest standard running throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed this film even the bits that left me feeling a little queasy. Plus, the clothes they wear are just beautiful ;-)

I won't say much more as I can see that you are desperate to get your bum off the seat and get yourself down to Blockbuster, just to rent this.
If you are still interested in this film and want to know a bit more, then check out the trailer below: