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Monday, 6 June 2011

Wolverhampton Magazine

Ooo Er!

So, me and the mister attending SSMT ball a little while back. I think I mentioned it in my "Welcome" back post ... Well, there was a photographer wandering round during our evening of poshness snapping away as they do. I though nothing of it to be honest until ... I got a phone call off a friend telling me to turn to page "Something or another" in the Wolverhampton magazine. So I did and guess what?

Yes! That's right, like a spread in OK! (Alrite maybe not) but all the same there we are Me and Mr V in our only little box with our own  little number listing to our names. How larvley.

Apologies for the very bad photograph but when i get round to it, I shall scan in a better one for you bloggers to see.