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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hermans Hermits!

Today I thought I would spend some time and devote a blog post to one of my all time favourite bands. That's right. They happen to be "The Hermans Hermits!" Too right!

Where do I start this blog? Well please raise your hand if you are also a fan. (Raise) Ok so "The Hermans Hermits" were created in Manchester in 1963. Yes! I know a little before my time, granted. But that dosen't make me like their music any less. Infact it makes me like it more as I am abig fan of 60's music, a very big fan. These just happen to be one of my favourites. I do think they are truly brilliant. You only have to listen to some of the lyrics in their songs to understnad te genius's that they were. Their music is so catchy that I think anyone would/will like it openly ot secretly ;-)
The band alone has recieved 23 hit singles and 10 hit albums. Tremendous stuff! And all well deserved. They were once a household name along with the Beatles and The Rolling Stones (2 other superb bands.) The band are known mainly for the following songs.
- Mrs Brown
- Wonderful World
- No Milk Today
- Henry The 8th
- Dandy (This song is wonderful)
- God Knows (This song is beautiful)

So there you have it. A little bit about why I love "Hermans Hermits." Let me know if you are also a fan, let me know why you are a fan, your favourite songs, favourite member etc. Or perhaps you know another band with a simular sound or look. Lets get discussing good music hey? Do you believe you know of a better band? Hit me with it. Music is a real passion of me and I am always on the look out for new sounds to dazzle my ears! :-) haha!
I thought I would leave you with a video from the band themselves. "NO MILK TODAY!" Hope you enjoy it folks. This video is a bit slow on the old loading. Was working ok earlier but that dosen't mean it's going to be working ok now. grrr. Hope it does though. and First website was them younger, second is them now.