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Thursday, 30 August 2012


My new blog has really started to take off folks! ENJOY!
I Have A New Blog

It is true folks - My 'Actors Blog' is going to become a little stagnant over the next few months. You may have noticed the decline in my posts recently anyway and for this I can only apologise as I have done over and over again on this blog many a time.

Currently, my mind has been a little tied up by other things. Namely, these sort of things:

Yes! I am to become a Mom on the 30 November and am the most excited I think I have ever been. So, I have decided to start my own 'Mommy Blog' I understand that some of you may despise of the idea and jump off the Jessica band-wagon. But, it is something that I really want to do and am having fun planning. It would be so lovely to see you all over there if I'm honest. It would be great to have you following my journey.

The new blog goes by the name of 'Moms The Word' and you can get to it here:

I really hope you enjoy my new blog as much as I hope you have enjoyed this one. This is not goodbye to 'An Actors Blog' it's merely - 'One will be back soon!'