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Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Golden Oldies

It is true, they are always the best aren't they? The golden oldies. In my case these golden oldies happen to be some photographs of my earlier acting days. Back when I used to be a member of "The Television Workshop" in Birmingham. Oh how I miss those days! Gosh, I loved it there. Anyway, my old drama teacher found some old photographs out and popped them on facebook for us to admire and steal. So ... I thought to myself "Get them on the blog!" Now I must apologise for the blurriness of them, I have had to steal them off the Blackberry you see. But still you can see that when I was younger I was somewhat "Chubbier" and "Very different" to how I look now. Haha.

This photograph was taken in the ITV studios. We were auditioning the row of lade behind us. You may recognise them, they are all children's television presenters now. The most known one being Abs on the right. Well they were auditioning to be the new Children's TV presenter on BBC and we were auditioning them. In all fairness, Abs was always my favourite. ;-)

This is a photograph taken of the play "Ruckus In The Garden" That we took to the nationals in London not to long back. I'm not convinced that I look to well as a hoodie. But it was a great character to play. Something to really get your teeth into.

Oh dear. This is just me in character messing around backstage!
Haha What a brilliant collection of photographs. Plus there is so many more, but I didn't think i would bore you with them all. I will occasionally be putting them up in posts for you to have a little mooch at. Isn't it funny how we grow up and change?

The Birmingham workshop (That I attended) is now run by Ross Simpson and goes by the name of "First Act Wroskhops." You can visit there website:
ALSO . . . This evening I am off in to Birmingham myself for an audition. I will be auditioning for a BBC Drama set in the 60's/70's. Un-fortunately that is all I can tell you. As that is all I know :-) But I will let you know how I get on :-)