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Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Three Peaks Challenge 2010

This year - Next week. Friday and Saturdary, with BAE SYSTEMS WOLVERHAMPTON both me and my Daddio are helping out with the "Three Peaks Challenge." Your probabaly think "What on earth is The Three Peaks Challenge?" Well this is the best I can desbribe it to you, because to be honest I am not 100% sure myself. I'm just going along to help out and have a nice sunny weekend down in Church Stretton :-) Ok So . . . Teams from all over the shop, even as far as France can enter them selves into this challenge. Basiccly they go to Church Stretton for the weekend and do a 26 mile walk across three fairly big hills "Caer Caradoc" being one 0f them. The team that completes it the fastest, wins! Voila! And my purpose is to stand at check point 5 with Dad and tick them off as they stroll by. Job done.

Good Things For Me And Dad Whilst Helping Out:
- We are right next to a pub. Wooop I am seriously hoping the real ales are good!
- We may take our mountain bikes to have a ride around Church Stretton.
- The hotel has a heated outdoor pool. Get a morning and evening swim in.
- All you can eat buffet. Just watch my Dad
- Great room
- The even chuck in a free mug and Tshirt. Why thankyou BAE!

I am looking forward to a weekend away with the father. I'm thinking I may miss Blue Boy and Karl though. But still it will be super fun especially if the weather holds out! :-)