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Friday, 30 April 2010


Do you remember a few posts back, I posted a few contact sheets with all different headshots of mine on. (My new ones that is)? Well, 1 has been chosen by my agent. This I forgot to mention to you. Can you believe that? Especially after my last post regarding headshots promised that I would reveal "The Chosen One" to you. Right ok anyhoo. It has been decided that Number 4 off the contact sheet will be my headshot. :-)

This is the one. Obviouslly this picture is a slightly lower quality one compared to the official print outs like.

Just a little thought for the weekend:
The other day I was listening to radio 2 on my drive home from the shops. They were discussing the following:
"If a pig is dropped in water it will swim insticivlley to the nearest shore, bank etc:" The were trying to determine whether this was ture or not. I myself found it quite a funny topic to be discussing but didn't stick around long enough to hear the answer and the phone ins. So Can any one tell me . . . If pigs are dropped in water will they swim to the shore? Or will the just drown?
Ah man I like pigs. I hope they would swim to the shore. Swim piggy swim!

I think I have just answered it my self with these photographs to be honest. Clearly they aren't just posing for them. They are actually swimming. Wicked! Pigs can swim. Amazing! Truley amazing!
Have a good weekend all!