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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Today I Celebrate . . .


I proclaim today "Celebrate Ginger Day!" and I celebrate it because I believe that it should be recognised. Some of us fellow Gingers put up with an awful lot of stick and get nothing in return. So just like Mothers get a Mothers Day, Fathers get a Fathers day and lovers get a Valentines day, today we get a Ginger day! If the Blondres, Brunettes and others want their day then they need to go out and get one but today it's our time :-) Why not!!!???

Happy Ginger Day To All!

Lets celebrate guys and have a bit of fun! If your ginger let me know it and if your proud now show it. But you don't have to be ginger to celebrate it with us. You may just be a huge fan of the colour and wish to celebrate with us!