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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Wolverhampton A Blaze!

Not a very good day for Wolverhampton City today. A fie at 'Carvers' yard has caused quite a distress in the City with Students having to be shipped out of their halls of residence, cars having to be abandoned on car parks, windows having to be shut all day and not to mention the huge black cloud that has been looming over the City all day. Not good at all.

On the upside I have heard that all is calm now and the fire is under control. Thank Goodness. I hope all you Wolverhamptoners stayed safe today and please remain to do so. I have been told that the Railway Station is back up and running and as are all the roads barr the slip road running down the side of 'Carvers Yard.'

Hopefully the City will pull together and get everything sorted as 'Carvers' was a pretty big place here in Wolverhampton.