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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Orange Wednesday

So being the orange customer that I am. I get a little gift weekly that they like to call "Orange Wednesdays." I'm sure you all know what this is. Well ... basically I get two cinema tickets for the price of one just for being an orange customer. Yep! It's true. What a reward. Suppose it's to say sorry for their awful signal but ... we wont go there! haha!
Help me out guys! What to watch at the cinema though? In fact ... Is there even anything worth watching at the moment? hmmm Let me know before the nights out folks. I'm struggling here. 
ALSO . . . 
Last Friday I spent down in London auditioning for "The Adventure Of Daniel." This is a comedy pilot for BBC. So fingers crossed . . . Maybe I will hear something . . . . But then, Maybe I wont! :-)  Hmmm!