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Friday, 26 February 2010

I Talk To Competetors From "It's My Time."


Loretta is a competetor from Bulgaria also looking to be the new face of United Colours Of Benetton's catalogue 2010. So far Loretta has 1286 votes and they are still coming in. Not bad going eh?
Here is what Loretta believes makes her special:
"Nothing is as nearly hard as it seems. just try and see for yourself =))) long live the optimism :D
my passions: fashion, photography, art, creative people, good books, dancing, shopping, having fun...just to name a few =)
*you'll never get to heaven, if you're scared of gettin high*"

Luckily for me, Loretta agreed to take some time out of her day to answer a few questions thats I had for her. Here is what Loretta had to say:

1. Tell me a little bit about the competition? well, it seems to be getting more and more "in" for big brands to search for new faces among the "normal" people. so that's what UCB is doing right now - from the 100 most popular contestants they will choose 20 who will get the chance to fly to NY and be a part of the winter campaign.

2. Did you enter the competition on the first day? Or were you a late enty like myself? i did enter in the beginning, i don't think it was the first day, but definitely in the first week. i can recall there were still less than 1000 contestants =) and now over 30.000

3. When voting for others, what do you look for? i'm looking for inspiration, for personalities, for something different. for looks or photos/videos that charm you or make you smile

4. How does it make you feel when someone votes for you? it feels gooooood =) your fashion, style and look are all statements that u make, and when people are voting the kinda argee with your point of view. it's nice feeling

5. Have you ever modelled before? i've made some modelling experience but nothing really profesional.predominantly just for fun

6. Is modelling to be your future career? mm i don't think so. i'm too old hahahah

7. Do you believe there is a lot of potential in this competition? oh that'S for sure! there are lots of talents here. very creative minds! and i'm not talking having only modelling in mind.

8. If you got a place and went to New York what would it mean to you? it would be one hell of experience - meeting so many cool people =) and besides that, i've always wanted to go to NY!

9. What makes you different and unique to others? everybody's different and everybody's unique. i think my ideas, vision and views on life are not the most commont ones =)

10. Anything you would like to add? to add....keep on smiling and dreaming =)) hope that's enough =)

A Big thank you must go out to Loretta for taking the time to answer these questions. I wish her the best of luck in the competition and hope all goes well for her.
Here is the link to Lorettas page, please vote:

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What's New?

Well at present, as some of you are aware, I am on the look out for a new agent. So have been posting things left, right and centre and emailing things willy nilly in order to make that happen. I have recently been in conversation with the agecny EKA. So thumbs up! The search for a new agent is looking somewhat hopeul. Let's hope I get some more responses soon.

I Must Talk To You About "The Lovely Bones!

Oh my goodness. What a remarkable film. Seriously. It is actually just a piece of art. It is an amazing film to watch. One that I truley believe everyone should watch. It just captivated me from start to finish. The visial effects were just out of this world. (literally) Although it is quite a lengthy performance it does not lose your interest at all. It just hooks you right the way through. It also makes you think alot after viewing it. It plants little seeds in your head and gets you wondering. A truley amazing film. One well worth watching. Stunning, just stunning.

***** 5 stars The Lovely Bones

Also, Dont forget to vote for to be the face of the United Colours Of  Benetton catalogue 2010. Click the following link to vote:

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Sky Dive In The Newspaper

Today the Express And Star (our local newspaper) are coming down to get a photograph and an article on my Sky Dive that took place on the 20th February. This will hopefully help me with raising a few extra pennies for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I'm really excited actually. I think it would be super if I could donate higher than my target. Hopefully, depending on what time they come down today my article may be in this evenings addition. As soon as it is, I will scan it and get it posted on here for you all to see!

In order to make sponsoring easier for people I dont know i.e: Newspaper readers, I have set up a just giving site. This means that you can sponsor or donate at the click of a button. Rather than passing on details.. It's just that bit more easier. I have installed the donating widget to the sidebar of this blog. Just give it a click if you wish to sponsor. It would be super if you did! Only got 4 weeks left of raising. So let's go for it!
Follow this link to my Just Giving Site or click Widget in side bar:
Another bit of good news. Below is my sky dive video! Woo hoo!

Hope you like the video. Can't believe how high it was. 2 miles high! wahhh
Also, Dont forget to vote for to be the face of the United Colours Of  Benetton catalogues 2010. Click the following link to vote:

Monday, 22 February 2010

Am I Good Enough For The United Colours Of Benetton Catalogue?
Your votes will decide . . .

It's my time! A global casting experience. I have been put forward in a competition to model for United Colours Of Benetton catalogue. oooooo. I am now on their website, in the competition entries section. Awaiting votes apparently. It would be super if you could vote for me folks. Please click the following link to vote for me!

If I make it, I make it to New York my friends. A week in NYC snapping away. Great stuff!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

I Have Dived And I Am Still In One Piece!

That is me above!
So Saturday the Twentyth has been an gone. This means that my sky dive has been and gone! Can you believe it? Blimey! That came and went quickly! I'm still finding it quite difficult to believe that I have jumped 10,000 ft (2 miles) out of a plane! Truley amazing! It was just out of this world, literally!
When we arrived I was a little un-sure on wether the dive would take place or not due to an icy run way. But . . . it was still scheduled to go and I could not wait. So I got kitted up, underwent some training and packed my self into the little plane. It took about half an hour to get up to the right height. Guess what!? I was the first to dive. So, the door opened and literally out we went! WOW! We were free falling and I could feel the cold on my face. Infact it felt like the cold was going right through my skull and giving me brain freeze. Just as I thought my face was going to explode, the parachute was released and we glided back to earth. We could see for miles up there. Just floating around slowly enjoying the view. I was even allowed to take reins and steer this crazy thing. We landed safetly, sliding along on our bums!
I cannot believe it! I sky dived! Wonderful!

I would like to say a maseph thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. I am still recieving sponsors to this day and can confirm that at this moment in time I have raised (so far) over £520.00 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer! Thank you so much everyone!
I dived with a photographer who filmed my dive and took proffessional photographs for me. So as soon as I recieve those I will put them up! For now here are a few taken by mi familia!

If you still wish to sponsor me for my dive, that's fine. Just let me know. I have 3 weeks to collect the money. So that gives you a little time to get it to me. Let's keep raising folks! :-)

Don't laugh at the get up. I hear these hats are in, Lady Gaga said so!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The 20th Is fast approaching!

My sky dive is now only 3 days away. Nervous? ... Honestly? No I'm not . . Yet! Should I be? ... probably. I'm actually really looking forward to my descent. But as I look out of the window today, I can see nothing but grey skies and rain drops. So not holding out much hope for the misery we call weather. I am beginning to wonder if we will ever see spring.
I cannot tell you how grateful i am to all those who have sponsored me. You have helped me to raise over £500 for Break Through Breast Cancer. I am chuffed to bits with that total and I know I can add to that with a final push. So if you do wish to sponsor me still, that's fine. Please just let me know and I can get that sorted no worries!
Also lets all start wishing for good weather in Whitchurch on Saturday! :-)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Cut BBC Switch

So early start for me, very early start. I'm not too sure how I managed it. I had to be on the coach to London for 6.25 in the morning. Blimey! So as you were aware I was down the old Cockney Land for a crack at a "The Cut" audition. But as it is now Wednesday and I have not yet heard anything,  think it is fair to say that "The Part" was just not for me. Oh well! Best of luck to the gilr who gets it!
After a dodgey improvisation at the BBC switch studio. Me and my brother decided to wander around London for the day, jumping on and off tubes willy nilly. We over indulged on Ben and Jerry's (well you must) and splashed in too many puddles. The weather was shocking, we were soaking. Thanks to the weather we were unable to serve our self chineese. The help yourself metal, buffet trolley decided to spend the whole self sevice experience electric shocking us. We literally could not touch the trolley or the serving spoons. We resorted to being fed. Oh my life you could hear the electricity when we touched it. Funny thing was, no one else was recieving these nasty shocks. Oh we did laugh!
Oh and also on our ventures through Covent Garden I stumbled across (Whilst wearing my brothers new, H&M London hat) this handsome fellow!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Clucking Brilliant!

So I woke up Saturday morning, as normal, as you do. Had some breakfast grub and a cup of tea :-) (of course) Got the dog fed. I went down to let the girls out not expecting anything different to occur to be honest but . . . When I opened the chciken shed door I could see out of the corner of my eye a big pile of eggs. It is true, The girls have started laying. I was so excited, I scooped all 8 of them up and ran down the garden screaming "They are laying, they are laying!" I know this is completely irrelevant to performance and that of the like, but I just had to share this with you!
So Guess what we had for lunch on Saturday? Dippey egg and soldiers. Naturally!
Yup! You may think it's a little funny to say the following statement but:
"I am proud of my girls!"

P.S Tomorrow I am off to London for an audition. Lets hope all goes well. I will keepy thee informed!

Friday, 12 February 2010

PhotoShoot last Weekend

See I told you I had a fair bit to tell you. Well last weekend I met up once again with JB photography for what we thought was the final shoot. :-( But it has later been comfirmed that it wasn't and that this weekend is back on.:-)
So we took two shots on Saturday of last week, in the freezing cold I must add. Great looking shots though.My outfists were pretty cool. But un-fortunatley there was a slight problem with the lighting of them and we need a re-shoot. That is happening tomorrow. So I will keep you informed.
I'm quite lucky because JB Photogrpahy has agrred to compile me a protfolio from the shoot! This I am very excited about. So once I have my hand on that I can provide all you guys with the photographs to have a mooch at. Exciting! Apparently so far, they are looking good! (Thumbs up)

This is not a JB Photograph. This is a personal one (one of my own). Just thought I would use it as the subjects were Modelling and photography! aha!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Goodness My Apologies . . .

It has been so long since my last post. I have let myself down ever so slightly in not posting really. Very sorry folks! I have just been major busy and really havent got round to it! But ... I am back now and will posting as normal Monday - Friday. No complications.

I have quite a bit to tell you about to be honest! GUESS WHAT!??

The Saturday Morning Drama Club Is Returning!
 It is true! We start back on the 27th February! :-) And I for one am very very excited. We have got the majority of our old members returning and a large handful of newbies joining us this time round. It is just another 6 week project, for now. But we are hoping (Still) for it to become something slightly more permenant. Which would be wonderful for both us and the kids. I'm not all together sure yet what we will be doing with the group. I have some ideas and plans floating around. Will have to get that sorted!

I will keep you updated on The Saturday Morning Drama Clubs re-hearsal process.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Doodling Day

Another day . . . Another doodle, or so they say. Do they even say that? Ah well, or so I say! So I did exactly that today, I did a little doodle. At first I was only messing around with a biro and a sketch pad but then my picture really started to take shape. This pleased me and persued me. So I continued marking away on my picture for the rest of the day. (OK so perhaps it is a bit more than a doodle)
I was drawing Ewan McGreggor in his role for Trainspotting and Amy Winehouse from a while back. No they are'nt brilliant by any stretch of the imagination but you know ... They are something.
So my end result really wasn't something that I was that pleased with but the stages before hand were a good learning curve for me in the world of sketch!
Below is my Drawing stage for this particular sketch:

Trainspotting Un-Finished

Amy Winehouse

If you, by any chance want anything drawn for you (portraitwise) let me know and I will be happy to give it a go! :-)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

So Shot 3 For shoot . . .

Yep another few hours at the studio last night. It was a little chilly in there too. So we got shot 3 done and dusted. This just leaves 2 more shots and they will be completed this weekend, in outdoor locations. Exciting! :-)
Yesterday, we finalised one shot. The one simular to that of Cheryl Cole (which may I add is a really nice shot, that I'm really happy with) and the other was a full body fashion shot featuring an umberella. Don't ask! It was great fun last, had a right laugh. I'm really enjoying this modelling experience. It is something that I would defenatly do more of. I mean I would never dream of being a catwalk model but fashion shoots have proved to be very fun and rewarding. Thumb up to JB Photography and their shoots.
As I mentioned earlier, we are on location this weekend for the final two shoots. That should be fun as the others have been studio based so it will be a bit different.
I don't actually have any copies of yesterdays photographs to show you as of yet I'm afraid. But ... I will have some soon I'm sure. Plus it wont be long before all the final outcomes will be able to be posted :-) That will be a great blog entry when it comes around I'm sure. So I thought I would leave you with a photo JB took a few shoots back in digital just so you can get a slight taster.

And I just Need To Share . . .

Also I watched Slumdog Millionaire the other day, AGAIN! And seriously . . . I need to share my love for the film with you. I just think it is incredible. My goodness that film is a true work of art. It is just filled with love and truth. It is the most colourful, beautiful and downright spectacular film that I have ever watched. This time last year I myself was in India persuing a 4 month Travelling trip across South East Asia, and I can really relate to this film. It gave me the travel bug bad. After being reminded of the colours, the visual beauty and the wonder of the country I am longing to go back there. Maybe on one day hey!

Slumdog Millionaire you get a 5 star from me and a whopping big thumbs up to!
***** - Click for official slum Dog Millionaire website!

Monday, 1 February 2010

1st Of The Month This Means . . .

(I am aware that this post is not one of performance but I really thought you should know ...)

20 days, and I stress 20 days to go before my leap for breast cancer. The dive is growing ever closer! Am I nervouse yet? Noo, seriously I'm not. I'm excited and up for it. But that scares me. I should be nervous. Surely the thought of launching myself out of a un-stable plane 10,000 ft up should be enough to evoke some nerves in me. But I'm afriad not. No siree, I'm looking forward to it! :-)
Also I am super pleased with how my raising is coming along! So far I have managed to raise the grand total of:
£427.00 and . . . Still raising! So get those sponsors coming in guys! :-)

On the subject of sponsors. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. I am very graetful but for all those that haven't yet ... Cammon! Get em in!

If you wish to dive for Breakthrough Breast Cancer too, or just donate a one off or monthly donation please visit: