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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Dream Of Mine ...

It is true, we all wake up in the morning with some sort of spur of motivation motivating us to do what we really want to do, to have what really want and to be what we really want to be. That is untill about lunch time and your morning at work has been tough, your staring at your soggy tuna and cucumber sandwich and you slowly become to realise that perhaps that dream just may not happen.
Do you ever get that? Yeh, though as much. Well if you want something enough and work hard for it, you will get it. Or so they tell me ;-) 
Well if that little saying is true then, one day, preferably some time next year one of these beauties below will be mine! Seriously it is a really desire of mine to own either a Lambretta or a vespa. It would feel champion turning up for work on one of these bad boys with a bit of Union Jack helmet going on. 

Little beauties.
So here is a question for you ... What's the one thing you long to have, own or do? Let's see if anyone desires the same thing.
On that note. When we were younger, we went to go and see Santa (My brother, sister and I) and Santa asked my brother "What would you like for christmas then?" and my brother looked up at him, all young and innocent, he replied "Sausage, egga, chips and beans please!"