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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blackberry Playbook

Spreading Blackberry Love ...

It is true! I wish to spread it ... I am all for it. I am Blackberry through and through I really really am!
However, I am not the sort of person that is going to waste a blog post telling you why you should invest in a playbook and not an ipad. I understand that is complete preference and most of all it comes down to 'What you like is what you like'. There is no point me disputing it or trying to push you towards something that you may not want.

But, that does not and will not stop me ranting on about my new toy. So, yes. I have treated myself to the 'Blackberry Playbook' and it really is a bundle of play. I am more than impressed with it. Since it's latest update which has allowed you to sync email, calenders, contacts and notes to it and it has opened it's self up to the ANDROID market, my love for this small device has grown. Know what else? You can now connect it to your Blackberry using Blackberry Bridge - A brilliant little tool. Basically once this has been done - Your Blackberry Playbook becomes your Blackberry. It even has BBM on it that way. Once connected you can use your blackberry to navigate your way round your playbook (As a mouse and keyboard) this is really great if you are using your Playbook for a presentation. Blackberry Bridge also allows you to use your Blackberry as a Modem, so no matter where you are you pretty much have internet connection always. Genius!

Yes it does not come without it's flaws, granted. I get that. But, dosen't everything. The Ipad cannot multi task - You can only do one thing at a time. That is a flaw. We all have them, everything has them. I can live with the flaws that the Playbook has and it really isn't many.

I know there are many a folk out there very anti the old 'Berry' but I strongly urge you to 'Not knock it before you have tried it.' If you give it a whirl and you are not a fan then fairplay. But, don't just hate because you are strongly Apple, HTC, Android etc - Give it a go, seriously!

I am interested on your views where tablets are concerned. Do you have one? Are there things you like, dislike, or wish to change about it? If so, let me know.