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Friday, 4 June 2010

Urban Voice LTD

Happy Friday everyone! Feeling all weekendy? I am! haha! 
As you are aware I am now working for "Urban Voice Limited." It really is a wonderful job. So far I am loving it!
Well ... They have recently blogged a welcome to me. Didn't know if you fancied a little mooch? 

Check it out at:

A Big Welcome To Our New Creative Arts Worker, Jessica Harper!

A big "HELLO" goes out to our new Creative Arts Worker, Jessica Harper.

Jessica will be working for Urban Voice Ltd for the next few months while Co-Director, Nicola Byrne is off on maternity leave - having a little one! :-)

So.... Let's get to know the new girl!

Tell us A bit about yourself, Jess . . . .

"Hey folks! As you know, my name is Jessica Harper and I am the new Creative Arts Worker for Urban Voice Limited! I have done freelance acting for Urban Voice prior to this so I feel pretty confident and ready to take on bigger tasks. I'm really looking forward to my time here and I'm sure it's going to be a very rewarding experience. I'm looking forward to the variety of work my days are going to bring. Wish me luck guys :-)"

We feel very lucky to have Jessica on The Urban Voice Team. An experienced actress, she has worked with the likes of "Julie Walters, Tim Healey, Warren Clarke and many more."

We'll be giving Jess time off for auditions and filming as it comes in!

Fancy knowing a bit more about Jessica? If so, visit her website:

She's also big on the blog scene! So check out her blog too:

So there you have it!

Have a nice weekend folks! What's everyone up to?