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Friday, 23 April 2010

Say Goodbye

Can you believe it? I woke up this morning to NO crow or a "Cocker Doodle Doo" off Sir Clive, No "Sqwaaaark" off Susan and No "Cluck" of Me Julie. Do you know why? .... Because the fox has had the lot! It''s true he has decapitated every single one of them and left them sprawled all over the place for me to skip merrily down to this morning. I am truley, truley gutted. I just cannot believe it.
I bet your all thinking "Well you should have shut them in then!" Yes that's true. But, guess what? They were. They were should away snug in there shed as they always are. The odd thing is the fox actually broke into the shed, somehow. Without even leaving a mark. We have a flap that you have to slide up by a wire to let them out. Somehow, the fox has managed to hold that open while he kills them all. How? I do not know. I wouldn't have though it possible. But, Clearly it is! I am so so so so gutted!
Goodbye Susan, Sir Clive, Mavis, Fi Fi Trixibell, Moira Stewart, Me'Julie and The Nameless 2. It was really nice knowing you. :-(

I had grown so attached to them and everything. I feel somewhat sombre and morose today, now. Seriosuly it sounds wierd but "I loved you guys!"