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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Kodak Moment Indeed
First of all. I must say a huge "SORRY" for not blogging more often this week. It has just been a little chaotic settling in at work and everything. But, I guess not a good enough excuse right? Right! Sorry folks. But I'm back! 
Bet your wondering what the blog title is all about? Well right now I am suffering with torn ligaments and tendants of the right knee. :-( And yeh! It is very painful. I know your all desperate to find out why. Well . . . being the muppet I am, I jumped out of a tree. Hold on. Go easy on me. I was jumping out of a tree so that a photograph could be taken of the moment. I didn't know that I would land in such a way it would tear my the ligaments from my knee cap. Ha! The things I do for a good snap eh? Boy oh boy. We did have a good day though in all fairness. We were out taking photographs on the old film camera at Cannock Chase. It was fun. Can't wait to see what the photographs turn out like. I will have to post them up when they are developed. I hope the tree jumping, knee tearing shots a gooden! :-)  
Also ... Look who joined Karl and I at the Urban Voice office today . . . 

 Blue the Urban Voice Dowwwg!