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Thursday, 8 April 2010

It Was Bank Holiday And I was Gone For Like ... Ever!

Sorry guys. I am fully aware that I had just dissapreared off the face of the earth over bank holiday. I was quite busy those few days. Many apolagies sent out if you were waiting for me to post and I let you down. Super sorry.
I have one thing to say to you all right now.
"I hope you had a really great easter folks!!!"

Hope you didn't eat too many of these bad boys (above) infact, tell a lie. I HOPE YOU DID! because. . .  isn't that what you do at easter. You eat! Loads and loads hahah! seriously, I hope you had a gooden!

Any way . . .  If you look above, this is what I have been busy doing this bank holiday. That's right I have been working with Urban Voice limited on a Project for Walsall Council called Map My Journey. It's all about people using services that the NHS provide and telling us their opinion on them. It was a really good couple of days actually. I had a good time with them. Took a while to get set up and then to pack down to but all worth it. It was quite good to hear people opinions on different services that are available eg: Stop Smoking, Weight loss, Excercise etc.
We set it up in such a way that we filmed the public in a "Diary room", We recorded their voices in "Sat Nav" style and we took photographs of them with signs they had created with their own artwork. Along with filling in questionaires and of the like. With all this different information and different styles a website is being created to share these opinions. That will hopefully be up and running soon, so I will pass that address on as soon as it's live.
Check out Urban Voice Limited here:

Another great thing about the last few days is I absaloutley pigged out on flap jack! Oh lordy, far too much of the stuff. Apparently meant to be healthy for you. But, can't be, not when you eat a whole slab of the stuff! hahah!