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Friday, 24 February 2012

Wolverhampton's Retro Scene

Soul, reggae, ska, funk & 50s rhythm and blues

(Firstyly, I wish to apologsie for no blog post yesterday. I was London-ing I'm afriad and the Old Playbook wasn't charged. Very much My Bad.)

Now onto this Retro Scene we have taking over the city ...

That's right! And you heard it here first folks. Wolverhampton is opening it's arms wide to accept the new scene that is two stepping it's way into the city., and even if you wanted to - It doesn't appear that anyone can stop it.

We now have a tremendous Soul Club down at the 'Newhapton Arts centre' that is just busting at the seams and now it would appear that we are lucky enough to embrace a new night in a (Sort of) new bar. The music policy for this night out is as follows - Soul, Reggae, Ska, funk & 50's Rhythm and Blues. How can you wrong with an evening full of that? I'm not sure you can. If like me this scene appeals to you (and I'm sure there is alot of you out there) then take my word for it. If this night is anywhere near as good as the 'Newampton Soul Night'' is - Then you are in for a seriously good night. One not to be missed!

If you are a Wolverhampton born and bred kind of person then I am pretty sure you will all remember what used to be the 'Little Civic' - Well this is the base for the new night that Wolverhampton is hosting. The little Civic is the room above what is now known as the 'Numa Bar' - Quite a new bar that I have heard pretty cool things about to be honest. Could go for a Bevvy there to begin your night I guess, before wandering on upstairs to do some of that old Moonstomping!

Still alot more to be confirmed on this night out ie: times etc: But WATCH THIS SPACE! (More info will be up on here as soon as one has it.)