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Friday, 7 May 2010

The Three Peaks Challenge

A little while back, I mentioned that Dad and I were going away to Churchstetton for the weekend to help BAE SYSTEMS out with their "Three Peaks Challenge." Well the weekend just gone, was the event weekend. I thought I would post a post tolet you know how it went and to present you with some photographs of the short trip away.
Well . . . It was a wicked weekend in all fairness. Dad and I had a great time. We left Wolverhampton at about 10 in a 15 seater minibus and headed for Churchstretton. On the way we made a pitstop at McDonalds to refuel (Ourselves) with bacon and egg mcmuffins. Num num! Upon arrival to destination we helped mark the 22mile route up for the following day, got to know our checkpoint and also became aquainted with the local ale. :-) We felt that was a must. Check in for the hotel wasn't untill 3 so we made ourselves busy up until then. Once sorted routewise and checkpointwise we settled in and visited the local chineese for some grub (tea.) Yummy! Saturday came quickly, it was a very early start. 6 to be exact. Saturday was spent out  in the rain ticking off walkers as they past us and jotting down their times. Once the last person wandered through our checkpoint. We cleared up, collected all the checkpoint markers and way markers, picked up any leftover signs and headed back to the hotel for tea and the award ceremony.
To cut a loooong story short it was a really great weekend. We thoroughlly enjoyed it. We did plan on watching "Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels" Saturday night but completely fell asleep we were so tired. So must watch that one soon. Haha.The weekend was tops and a real success for BAE. Next year Dad and I are creating a team and we will be walking it as aposed to marsahlling it. It's our challenge.
Right so, I thought I would leave you with a handful of photographs from our weekend. Apolagies for photo quality. It's about time they amde the cameras on Blackberries ALOT better.

This is the view from our hotel. Hello Churchstretton.

Me. Messing around in the room.

Another view from the room. Man, it was lovely.

My Dad in the hotel foyer. Looking all official upon arrival.

So there you have it. Mine and Dads weekend away to Churchstretton. Happy Days!