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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Gold Challenge 2012

Raising Money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Some of you may remember my 'Skydive' for Breakthrough Breast Cancer back in 2010 and how much money I managed to raise. A big thank you to all those that helped me with donations for that particular event.

Well another fund raising challenge has come my way. This year, with my good friend Maria kavalieros we will be taking on 'The Gold Challenge 2012' And what a challenge it is going to be. But, I am more than excited to be doing it and the fact that I am doing it for a superb cause and charity makes my desire to push myself even stronger.

Basically the Gold Challenge is as follows:

Both Maria and I must complete 3 hours training in each of the following 30 sports:


Horse Riding,
Modern Pentathlon,
Wheelchair basketball,
Table Tennis,

So we attend a session or a few lessons in each one these sports and we then receive a certificate to say we have completed it.

It is a bit of a challenge to say the least but we have already embarked on our journey. We are looking for your help in many ways really and we will appreciate any support that we receive. It would be great if anyone could:

*Help us with the above sports. As in do you know of any clubs, coaches, trainers etc that can assist us in our 3 hour learning? A huge thank you already goes out to Wolverhampton Archers for providing us with 3 hours free archery and a local Horse riding club for giving us 3 hours free Horse Riding lessons. If you like these super companies you can help us in our fund raising mission by helping us find venues that would be super.

*Sponsor us! It would be wonderful if we could raise well above our donation target. You can sponsor us here:

I will also pop a widget onto my left sidebar which will make donating alot easier for you.

*Spread the word. Like everything - we need a little help spreading the word and letting people know about what we are doing. If you could help us with this that would be super. Why not share our just giving page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, by email, by post etc:

Both maria and I really appreciate any support that we receive with this fund raising event. We will be keeping all our supporters updated on our just giving page by adding photographs and videos of all the sports that we have completed. We cannot wait!

The more money we can raise for Breakthrough Breast Cancer the better!

Oh and don't forget to enter yesterdays tea competition (See yesterdays blog post for details.)