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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Open Mic Night

So my best buddy in a hoody is going away for a week to somehwere nice and hot that's named after a christmas meal. Turkey! Yes that's right she is swanning off and sunning herself in none other than the beautiful land that is, Turkey. Jealous much? erm . . . (Looks the window at the grey sky) Yes! And, I will miss her while she is gone.
So to wish her farewell we decided lets go get a few bevvy's in. Nice one! But I'm not really maseph on the club scene if I am honest. I'm more of a go out and have meal with a few drinks kind of girl. Or a pubby. At least somewhere where I can hear the people I am with, I don't have to remove myself from ym seat because some man is dribbling on my shoulder and I dont have to put up with randoms saying "Will . . . (hiccup)... you be my .... (burp) ... Friend?).  With that in consideration we headed for "Alchemy!" a local bar with real fires and the like. Wednesday night (lucky for us) is open mic night and what a night it is. Wonderful. I love open mic nights. It's so lovely to just be able to sit and listen to loads of unique styles and just have a bit of a laugh really.
Is this post dragging on!? Yep! Sorry, what I am trying to get to is . . . I got up there! Indeed I did. I took the guitar and bashed out the old  "foundation" by none other than "Miss Kate Nash" herself. It was great fun. There I was with Chantelle on the stage, sitiing on one of those ridiculousy high stools strumming and picking away. Great stuff. I will defeantly be going there again.
If you are local to Wolverhampton get yourself down there it's a great night guaranteed! :-)
Here's  few picture from last night. Unfortuantley none actually show us up on the stage as Chantelle had stolen my Blackberry to find and sing along to the lyrics!

Actually, that is the only photograph I have of the whole night. Oohps! Oh well, here we have Kerrie and Chantelle attending the Open Mic Night!