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Thursday, 12 November 2009

I am Set To Model For Blakemore Photography 2010

I have been asked to model for a 7 photo fashion shoot for Blakemore Photography in 2010. They will be covering different aspects of fashion and the photographs will be taken in "Liquid Light Format" and "Digital" The photogrpahs will be taken over a few weeks, leaving enough room in between for photographs to be sorted and printing. As liquid light is not the easiest nor the quickes process in the world, but it does looks splendid.
This will be an ongoing blog. It will be kept up to date with any meetings had regarding this project and in 2010 hopefully the photographs will be shared with you on here.

"I'm very excited for this future project. It is something I haven't done much of and I will really learn from the experience. I am getting together with Jo the photographer the end of this year to discuss plans for the shoot. Outfits, locations and poses. I'm on the look out for some brilliant examples of fashion photographs in magazines so that I can give 100% in 2010!"

Here are some examples of Blakemore Photography's work (Please click to enlarge!):

A link is soon to be added to Webpage.

1st December 2009
Meeting regarding Shoot

So we have now had a meeting to disuss the shots going to be taken for the final shoot. After much great diliberation I believe that Jo is going to be taken the shots in derelict buildings. Originally there was talk of taking quite contraversial shots such as a rocker at a ballet class or a Ballroom Dancer on a bike but we are now finalised on the shoot being in rundown buildings. I am growing ever more excited about this project as it really is a first for me. Modelling is not something that I have really ever done before so I'll give it my best shot and see how it goes.

Photography Method: Liquid Light Photogrpahy. The photograph below is an example of Liquid Light Photography!

I have been informed that Jo's Website will soon be up and running!

12th December
First 2 Shots Of Shoot

This shots are to be taken in the Studio. The first 2 of 6 photographs. I believe the first shot is going to focus greatly on the geek chic stlye and look. So bring on those thick rimmed glasses and slimey slicked hair hey? And the second a very simular shot to that on the front cover of Cheryl Coles Album. I'm growing ever more excited about this shoot. It should be great fun with a brilliant outcome.


So the 12th of December has been and gone and left a big batch of photographs behind. So first day in the studio and I loved it! It was great! Un-fortunatley we could only shoot one fo the photographs (Geek Chic Shot) Due to a costume failure on the other, so that is to be re-shot on the 14th December 09. Jo (photographer) Managed to shoot a large number of the photographs on digital to for my benefit. I have managed to get a copy of a few photographs (digital) already. I am aware that the final final final outcome will be the photo's in Liquid Light Format but they are not going to completed untill the new year!
Here are a few examples of 12th January Shoot!
(Not the greatest quality as I have emailed them to myself via Blackberry. But as soon as I have high quality versions I will replace them, No worries) But here is an idea.

These are just a few but I am looking to get them all up on this blog and onto my website when the shoot is finished and I have my hands on High Quality Copies!

13th December OUTCOME
Fascinator Shoot

So back to the studio and back behind the lens. We managed to sort the constume problem out and got started straight away. The shots look great. So once we managed to get the Fascinator shot that Jo wanted, we had a little play around in the studio. Taking random photographs and strking random poses. Another brilliant day in the studio and another batch of fantastic photographs. Same story goes with these though, I can only put up the shots that I have at present.
Here are a few examples of 13th January Shoot
(Not the greatest quality as I have emailed them to myself via Blackberry. But as soon as I have high quality versions I will replace them, No worries) But here is an idea.

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