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Monday, 25 January 2010

10,000 ft Sky Dive For Break Through Breast Cancer!

Yes, I completely understand that this particular event is not one of performance or acting but I feel  that it should be recognised as I am very excited plus its for a wonderful cause! (and I am proud that I am doing it!) So It's true. I will be jumping from a plane 10,000ft up on the 20th February 2010. I am counting down the days. I am just hoping that I reach my donation target! I must be mad! But on a serious note I really am looking forward to being involved in the helping and raising of money for this particular charity.

If you wish to sponsor and support me please let me know. It would be wonderful if you did. I would really appreciate it!

Hopefully when the jump is complete I will be able to post some photographs and reveal my total amount of raising! :-)

Many Thanks

Here is the  facebook group dedicated to my dive:


  1. Hello Jessica, thanks for stopping by duck, I got the code from my profile, their is an option in the settings to get the code, you can also do it with your Spotlight as well. So have a snoop around and if not I'll, drop me a line and try and figure it out.

    Love your headshots by the way, very nice!

  2. Ah man still struggling to find it! :-( grrr

  3. Ok, I'll try and find it on my profile.

    I'll be in touch.

  4. I've got the code for you to pop into a HTML box in your side bar and it should work but I need to email it to you as can't leave it in comments, my email is on my blogger profile.


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