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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Cut BBC Switch

So early start for me, very early start. I'm not too sure how I managed it. I had to be on the coach to London for 6.25 in the morning. Blimey! So as you were aware I was down the old Cockney Land for a crack at a "The Cut" audition. But as it is now Wednesday and I have not yet heard anything,  think it is fair to say that "The Part" was just not for me. Oh well! Best of luck to the gilr who gets it!
After a dodgey improvisation at the BBC switch studio. Me and my brother decided to wander around London for the day, jumping on and off tubes willy nilly. We over indulged on Ben and Jerry's (well you must) and splashed in too many puddles. The weather was shocking, we were soaking. Thanks to the weather we were unable to serve our self chineese. The help yourself metal, buffet trolley decided to spend the whole self sevice experience electric shocking us. We literally could not touch the trolley or the serving spoons. We resorted to being fed. Oh my life you could hear the electricity when we touched it. Funny thing was, no one else was recieving these nasty shocks. Oh we did laugh!
Oh and also on our ventures through Covent Garden I stumbled across (Whilst wearing my brothers new, H&M London hat) this handsome fellow!

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