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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

26 Mile Walk For "Help For Heroes"

On the 6th June 2010. I am walking the annual "Walkathon" with BRMB Radio Station. 26 miles! Can you believe it! I will be walking th walkathon with my good friend Ruth. To be honest it is Ruth that is doing most of the fund raising for this particular course, as it wasn't too long back that i jumped out of a plane for "Breakthough breast cancer" So i figured it was a bit too soon to start asking people to sponsor me again. But it is a really good cause. That really needs your support and donations. So I am going along to walk with and sponsor Ruth. The walk is around Birmingham and will probably last about 8-9 hours! Oh my Oh my Oh my! More like 28, 29! aha!

"You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard the stories. Each one tells of a life which has changed beyond recognition within seconds. The life of one of those men and women serving in a current conflict.

The popular rugby player, now starting again - without his legs. The son of your neighbour, still struggling to learn to speak again. The old school-friend who lost his right leg below the knee in an explosion.
Thanks to the excellent work at Selly Oak, Birmingham has a long history of providing the best immediate medical care for those returning with sometimes devastating injury, But the care has to go beyond the operations, the drips and the skilled surgeons, it’s about the journey back from the injuries of the battlefield - to really living again.
That means having somewhere close to the hospital where that process can begin. A dedicated space in a comfortable setting, away from the clinical areas. It's difficult to over-estimate the importance of this to those who have gone through so much - and their families"

If you wish to sponsor Ruth please do let me know and I will pass your details on to her. Anyhoo, wish us luck! :-) Hopefully we will get some photographs up on the blog after the walk for you to have a look and a laugh at. Our hot sweaty brows on a mugshot, nice!
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  1. Good work for this Jessica! Looks like you'll be able to get some enjoyable training in this weekend :O)

  2. Oh yes! This weekend is supposed to be glorious isn't it? I cannot wait for some rays to hit my oh so plae skin! :-)
    ahh haha!


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