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Friday, 9 April 2010

I won! I won! I Only Bloomin Won!

So I jumped into my Dad's car this morning to go to work when I heard on the radio "Only 5 minutes left to get your answers in?" when I asked Dad what the competition was for he told me it was to win Two tickets to the local Wolves game this weekend. Wolves V Stoke. I am not a maspeh football follower but I do like to get the low down. Plus it is a favourite past time as a kid for me. Off to the match every week with my Dad. So, I thought I would give it a go. But deep down I knew that the winner had probably already been chosen what with only 5 minutes to spare. But how wrong was I!?! I had a phone call back within minutes and I was live on the radio claiming my prize. Well Shocked! Shocked indeed! Wonderful though. I'm quite excited to go along. Me and the Fiancee will be going along to support our team this Sunday Wahey! Give us a win then lads! :-)

So a big thank you to the Wolf radio station 107.7. I will let you know how we get on after the weekend.


  1. Well done, real pity it is to see Wolves though and not a proper team...

  2. Hey hey hey watch it Mr Hoffmann-Gill. That happens to be my home team you speak ill of!

    PAH! To be fair the game was pants and about as boring as a pair of loafers on my nan!
    Happy Days! I enjoyed though. As I havent been to a game for years. Had me self "Ot Dowg" too. The other half had a "Pieee and Bovril!" All in all boring match but great fun! :-)

  3. Now, I appear to have recieved an email saying I had a comment off you on here but I can't see one. I reckon my computer is being slightly annoying as usual! Sorry bud!

  4. ah I see it now! I have your condolences I see
    Daniel I couldnt help reading a comment on your easter post. A guy talking about Central Carlton? I just wondered is that a drama workshop you attended as a kid? Sorry not being wierd just I did too, if thats what he means that is!


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