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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

MOJO April Edition Is Superb!

"Paul Weller is a man often misunderstood. At least that's the conclusion you reach when you've aborbed Lois Wilson's fascinating and piece with the former Jam man this month. Then again, despite being one of the most revered British artists of the past 30 years, Paul is not alone in that respect. According to her friends and bandmates, Janis Joplin was equally misread. This month, as we mark the 40th anniversary of Janis's passing, we continue MOJO's ongoing journey to unravel the personalities behind the music that soundtracks our lives."

What A Wonderful Edition, Seriously One Must Pick It Up And Read It!

Oh and the low down on my dog, Blue. Remember I told you, a few posts back that he had to go the vets again because we believed he may have swallowed something. Well he hasn't really got any better from the last consultation we had from the vet so today he had to go in for an Xray. :-( This means he had to be sedated! They couldnt find any blockages. So, next theory, Could be bacterial infection or parasites. Sounds nasty. You see when a dog eats anything, they can catch anything! Wish he would just walk without picking up everything he sees on the ground. Get better my little "Bluebian!


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