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Monday, 24 May 2010

First Day

So I was slightly nervous about things today but I knew it would be fairly easy to settle in. We didn't have loads planned for the day as we were doing a sort  of change around from Nicola to me. So we were just creating lists and getting the last niggly bits done before Nicola goes off to have a beautiful baby. Urban Voice had performed "Take Two" at the Arean Theate at the weekend and a lot of the set was still there. So we went and collected that. Shortley after we gave Nicola a goodbye lunch and it was delicious. :-) 

Goodbye Nicola :-) 

Ah yes. Just remembered. I have complteley forgot to tell you all that I got the lead I auditioned for in Boogie Nights. :-) Very exciting stuff indeed. 
Sorry for the short post. Just in a rush. 


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