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Thursday, 10 June 2010

First Principle Re-hearsal for

I'm writing this blog post on Friday 11the June as I'm rubbish and haven't kept up to date :-( So I'm talking about the re-hearsal as though it has happened because ... well .... Because, it has happened!

What a super re-hearsal. I do believe the first 3 scenes are set. Woop! Now just to learn lines and remember my stage directions. :-S 

I'm getting quite excited about this performance. 

Let me know if you fancy coming along to see it! I can help you sort out some tickets! Would be great to see you all there! 


  1. Not up to date? Okay... Rubbish? NEVER!!!

    I wouldn't mind a ticket or even better two (if I can fins someone to come with me)

  2. Haha!
    Wow it would be wicked if you could come and see it White Rabbit! :-)
    Let me know bud!


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