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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Showreel

So I have been promising you this for like 100 years or something ridiculous. Many apolagies for that. But . . . Here it is in all it's glory. My showreel and I will be honest with you it really isn't that wonderful quality wise but I had to have something thrown together pretty quickly at the time due to the urgency of it. Hopefully I will be having a new one mixed up pretty soon. There are a few more movie files I will be wacking on here in due course for you fellow bloggers to enjoy. 
So yes! Please do enjoy! Let me know what you think folks!
Oh and yes I do look a little young on some of it but I suppose that's just those old chubby cheeks I used to have ;-)


  1. It's great, you've got some really good stuff on there, good credits BUT...

    It's too long, you should be looking at 5 mins max so it needs cutting, cut the other actors out! Also, not keen on it starting with you introducing it but that's just me.

  2. Thanks Daniel!
    I agree it does need alot of work on it But...
    I had to throw something together pretty last minute to be honest.
    So hopefully get it re-done pretty soon.
    Thank you for your tips bud! Really helps to grab advice here and there I say,
    Now while we are on advice . . . Any idea on a poetry workshop using drama and creativity? :-)
    Im stumped with this one!

  3. oh miss!

    you've certainly done a variety of roles, sugar! i wish you the best! xoxox

  4. Why thank you Savannah!
    Hope your well!

  5. Brilliant jess, loved it.. I know you so well but didn't realise you have done so much great stuff xx

  6. Thank yo Sally! I really appreciate that!
    Welcome to my blog!
    Hope you like!

  7. Wow. That was a good reel! Diverse roles. And your voice then was pretty cute to hear. hehe. Glad that I got to know someone like you. Keep it up! xx

    I agree with one of the comments though.. It might be kind of a long video to watch for others.


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