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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I Have Been On My Holidays!

Hello everyone. Hope you're all well. Blimey! It seems like forever and a day that I have been away from my computer screen and the blogging world. How are you all? Hope your all just dandy! 
So ... I have been away for a few weeks. Some of those days were spent camping in the lovely Welsh country, some were spent celebrating my birthday and some were simply spent chilling and enjoying day trips! So overall ... I have had a wonderful holiday and a wonderful two weeks off. But ... Yes, I have missed you all. Let's not worry too much though as I am back! Oh Yes! :-) 
Seen as I have been away and un-contactable for a while. I thought I would share some holiday snaps with you. Just to let you know what I have been up to! 

 Our Boy Blue all packed in Sandy the Landy for our camping trip. (He has to be crated in the car for safety not for cruelty. Got a little sick of people passing their comments on his crate but if he wasn't in it when travelling he would most definitely die in a crash!)

Blue prepared for the journey.

A beer and a chicken tikka wrap in Selfridges in my new birthday dungarees!

Incredibly blurry I know. That's blackberries for you. Karl and I at Mick, Mom and Dads new caravan!

Lucy and I at Brewood music festival!

The Vegetable patch!

Yay! To the holidays. Boo! To work. So what have you all been up to?!


  1. Good to see the dungarees putting in an appearance...

  2. Oh yes Richard indeed!
    I couldnt not include them in the latest blog to date! :-)
    Hope your well buddy.

  3. Love the reg of Sandy Jess lol

  4. Thank you! It is quite cool!
    Not sure Karl agrees!

  5. Good grief, you're back, quite surprised to see you pop up in my sidebar.

  6. Welcome back! I don't quite follow how blackberries make a photo blurry, though. No doubt all will come clear...


  7. Poor cameras I am afraid White Rabbit, shocking infact!

  8. Cool dungarees! They long or short ones?


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