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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Today Is One Of Those Days ...

One of those days ... You know the kind, the kind where you just cannot think of anything to write or talk about. Oh man! Think it is a lazy brain day. Never good as I need to perk up a little I'm due in a school at 1 with a drama project/lesson to deliver. Can't really afford to be a lazy bones whilst doing that now can I? Nopey!

Ah, just thought! BOOGIE NIGHTS is fast fast fast approaching! October the 5th to the 9th at Wolverhamptons Grand Theatre. If you fancy coming down or up to see it and support let me know. It would be great to see loads of familiar faces there. Come and see me in a fine fine fine wig making an utter tit out of myself in the name of art! 
Right so there we go I have muttered and murmered away for the day! Catch you all tomorrow when hopefully my rantsd and raves will be more readable and fun! 

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