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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Songs For A New World

Wolverhampton University PerformanceSongs For A New World

Last night I took a trip to the "Crescent Theatre" in Birmingham to watch Wolverhampton University (Dudley based) Musical Theatre students perform the hit musical "Songs For A New World."
Staged in the basement studio space of the "Crescent" the students really set the tone and atmosphere for the style of performance they were about to deliver.
After a day at work and a slightly boring train journey I really wasn't that much up for a Theatre trip, I have got to be honest. But, as soon as those guys sang their opening number I was instantly engaged and suddenly the grunting man on the train along with the smelly toilet had disappeared clean out of my head and I was just transfixed on their show.
Overall, it was a wonderful evening full of outstanding vocals and really cleverly executed choreography.
The students should be very proud of themselves especially after receiving a full standing ovation. One of which they totally deserved. Totally.
It was money well spent and to be honest I would have happily paid more. Weldone folks!

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